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Autumn Sessions

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Using Online Platforms for Study

We are now required to use online platforms more than ever before.

This self-paced session will cover:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Word
  • Discourse.

This session will give you an in-depth look at each of these programmes and will teach you how to use important functions, to increase your confidence in using them, and ultimately aid your academic performance.


Study Stress Management

At times, being a student can feel quite stressful, particularly around the time when assignments are due.

This self-paced session will cover:

  • How to manage this stress
  • Different strategies that will help you feel more relaxed
  • How to remain positive.

Study Stress Management Downloads


Presentation Skills

Presentations are a common form of assessment throughout higher education.

If you have a presentation to create, as part of your course, give yourself the best chance of getting a high grade for it by engaging with this week’s activities.

In this week's self-directed session you'll cover:

  • What makes an excellent presentation,
  • How to engage your audience
  • Keeping your presentation concise and informative. 

Presentation Skills Downloads


Prioritising Tasks

Knowing how to prioritise tasks and study ensure that even when you're busy your work is manageable.

This self-paced session will cover:

  • Managing your workload
  • Planning time for your assessments and classwork.
  • How to stick to the plans that you created.
  • Prioritisation.
  • Staying organised during Covid-19 

Prioritising Tasks Downloads


Structuring an Essay

While essay writing may not be the only way you're assessed, it's a common assessment tool.

Being able to structure an essay can be helpful in presenting discussions and arguments for alternate forms of assessments.

In this week's self-directed session we'll cover:

  • Understanding the essay question
  • What should be included in each of the main sections 



Small errors can make a big difference to your final assessment marks, here's how to develop good proofreading habits.

In this self-directed session, we'll cover tips for proofreading including:

  • The time required between writing and proofreading
  • How to effectively proofread your work

Prioritising Tasks Downloads

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