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We are delighted to confirm that the Graduation ceremony for our Class of 2023 will take place on Tuesday 24 October 2023 at The Stoller Hall in Manchester.

Your graduation ceremony is a unique occasion and landmark in your life and career. It is a celebration of your hard work and commitment, and is a wonderful opportunity for you, your fellow students, family and friends to celebrate your academic and professional achievements.

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Those eligible to graduate will receive an email from our graduation event organisers, in early 2023.

To ensure you receive all communications as well as official certificates please make sure your contact details are up to date.

If you have questions please get in touch.

Graduation 2022 Event Recordings

You can rewatch livestreams of Graduation Ceremonies for the class on 2020, 2021 and 2022 below.

Graduation - Class of 2020, 2021 and 2022 Album Now live.

10.30am Ceremony

Ceremony Class of 2020 and 2021

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1.30pm Ceremony

Ceremony Class of 2022 (Part 1)

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4.30pm Ceremony

Ceremony Class of 2022 (Part 2)

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The Graduation ceremony for our Class of 2023 will take place on Tuesday 24 October 2023 at The Stoller Hall in Manchester.

If you’re due to graduate this year, for now, all we ask is that you mark the date in your calendar and the team working on our Graduation event will provide more information over the coming months.


We are currently in the process of confirming details for the 2023 Graduation Event, please check back in early 2023.

You will receive information including a save the date via email. Registration typically opens when you become elegible to graduate.

Children are welcome at the ceremony, however these events can prove to be tiring for younger children who may become restless. For the comfort of other guests, guardians may be asked to take any child that becomes agitated or distressed out of the main room. We appreciate your understanding. 

Children over two years of age must have their own seat and therefore must be included in your guest numbers.  Children up to the age of two may sit on an adults lap and do not require a separate ticket.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Graduates and guests are seated separately within the room. Please be aware that children will not be sitting with graduates but must sit with guests. 

We suggest guests head to their seats 30 minutes before the ceremony begins and should listen for the announcements directing all graduates and guests to take their seats. 

We ask that all mobile phones and recording devices are switched to silent but you are more than welcome to take photos and videos of our wonderful graduates shining moments. 

Graduates should be in their designated seats 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. It is vital that you sit on the seat/row stated on your ticket (you will sit within your curriculum departments) as this is the order your name will be read out. Please ensure that the stage pass on your seat states your name and correct pronunciation.  

You are required to leave your seats in order, to process across the stage, and you must have nothing in your hands, apart from your stage pass. The event staff will indicate when you should leave your seat and where to stand at the side of the stage. As you walk to the stage you will hand your stage pass to the staff at the side of the stage, who will in turn pass this to the compere who will read out your name and curriculum area as you cross the stage.

We advise that you do not bring any mobile phones, bags or large items but if this is necessary, please ask a guest to look after them for the duration of the ceremony to ensure that all aisles are clear. Under no circumstances must you leave your bags under your seats as this may pose as a health and safety risk and in some instances you may not return to your original seat after processing across the stage.

Out of courtesy to your fellow graduates we ask that you do not leave the ceremony until the event finishes. The ceremony will last for approximately 45 minutes.

Should you require any assistance, please ask the staff at the Graduation Information Desk in the main foyer or ask any member of the event staff.

The Graduation ceremony for our Class of 2023 will take place at The Stoller Hall in Manchester.

Your cap, gown and photography will be provided by Marston Events. If you order online before the event, you will receive a reduced rate. To order your cap, gown and photography simply follow the registration link below. You will receive a confirmation email once you have confirmed your order and you must bring this with you to collect your order on the day.

Please see costings below:

Cap and gown 

On the day hire - £50.00    

We often get asked what to wear on graduation day. It is up to you what you wear with your robes, but we would recommend smart, formal clothes, a bit like you might wear to a wedding or a job interview. You might like to consider wearing something classic, that won’t look dated in your photo’s years later. Please keep in mind, you will have to go up some steps at the side of the stage then down again when you are acknowledged, so make sure you are wearing shoes you can walk confidently in.


Stage picture available immediately after ceremony - £10

Photography packs range from £25 plus P&P, you can order or add to your pre-order on the day, just speak to a member of the team

Marston Events photographers will be located in 1864 Suite. Please arrive in enough time to have your photo taken before the ceremony starts. Please note that the photography service will not be available during or after your ceremony.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the team:

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