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Student Transfer Arrangements

Information on transferring to an alternative course at UCEN Manchester and other study options, transferring to another higher education provider and transferring from another higher education provider.

Withdrawing from your course is a big decision. It may be that there is an alternative solution depending on your circumstances.

You may just need advice, guidance and support in order to continue your studies at UCEN Manchester. If this is the case then you can contact your Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or a member of the Future U team at your campus or call 0161 203 2100.

A transfer is an approved change to your course of study and includes:

  • A change of course (i.e. changing studying on one course to another)
  • A change of mode of study (e.g. a change from full time to part time study)

It is advised for you to talk to your current Programme Leader, Personal Tutor or other tutor you feel comfortable talking to. There may be options or support for your current course that may make you reconsider your decision, such as:

  • Planned modifications to the subject content which have arisen through student consultation.
  • Further support with your work that a tutor on the course can provide you.

You may only transfer a course of study with the permission of UCEN Manchester. If you have not yet enrolled you should contact the Admissions team to request a change. If you have already enrolled you can apply to transfer to a different course or change your mode of study by completing the transfer form with your Programme Leader.

It is important for you to remember that approval for a course transfer will depend on whether there are enough places on the course you wish to change to and whether you hold the relevant entry qualifications for that course. As well as this, the following conditions must be satisfied in order for the transfer to be approved:

  • You must currently be registered on a programme.

Please note that, if you have failed your current course and are required to withdraw; or have already voluntarily withdrawn from your course; or have completed an award (including an exit award such as Cert HE) then, rather than transfer, you will be required to apply for the new course you wish to change to, through Admissions.

  • You have gained credits that can be transferred to the new course (please see Recognition of Prior Learning Policy); or
  • support can be put in place for you to be able to catch up; or
  • you are able to complete additional requirements to cover any missed teaching sessions and assessments; and
  • you are not excluded from taking any modules/units on the new course which would have required satisfactory completion from previous modules/units on that course.

Depending on the timing of your request and whether the conditions above can be satisfied, you may be required to:

  • Successfully complete the current year of your course in order to start the next year on the new course, or to
  • end your current course and change to the new course at the beginning of the next semester or the next academic year. Where this is the case, you should seek approval for Break in Study.

Search through our full list of courses. You can also speak to Programme Leaders, to find out more about course content and entry requirements.

Please contact 03333 222 444 for further information.  You can also contact the Future U team at your campus.

  • Student Finance, including both Tuition Fees & Funding
  • Possible break in study if a transfer of course is not immediate
  • What has already been studied/achieved – is there anything previously studied in modules/courses that is relevant to the new course, meaning a particular entry level.

1.  Arrange a meeting with your current Programme Leader/Personal Tutor to discuss the transfer and the completion of the transfer form.

1.  Make sure you have read details above on how to transfer your course and the implications.

2.  Arrange a meeting with your current Programme Leader/Personal Tutor to discuss the transfer.

3.  Arrange a meeting with the Programme Leader of the course you want to change to. Details of Programme Leaders can be obtained from Academic Services.

This meeting(s) will be to:

  • Discuss your qualifications, your modules or years previously studied on your current course
  • Discuss any relevant skills you have already acquired
  • Confirm if the transfer can be approved
  • Discuss a catch-up plan regarding work

To talk about the implications of the transfer on Fees, Finance, and any potential break in study, contact the Future U team on your campus.

5.  If the course transfer is approved, confirm this to your current Programme Leader/Personal Tutor. Your Programme Leader will begin completing the relevant paperwork if the course transfer is approved.

6.  Meet again with your new Programme Leader to follow up on the catch-up plan and confirm your new timetable.

If you wish to transfer to an alternative institution you will need to contact the institution directly to see if they will accept you and how to process this. You should then decide whether you should complete the current year at UCEN Manchester. You may gain entry to the alternative institution for the following year of study if their course content is similar, this is their decision.

If you complete your current year successfully, you may be eligible for a lower exit award. A certificate of higher education will be awarded for successful completion of year one, a diploma of higher education for year two of a three honours degree.

If you are thinking of changing your course or higher education provider, it can be helpful to discuss your options with someone. Whether you are concerned about your Student Finance or just want to receive impartial advice about a transfer to another provider, you can contact the Future U Team on your campus.  If you're looking to study at a different provider, you may wish to use the UCAS search tool to find a course suitable for you.

If you do decide to transfer to another higher education provider, you will need to inform your Programme Leader who will withdraw you from you course at UCEN Manchester.

We accept transfer applications for all years of entry to all of our courses. 

If you wish to transfer during the first year of your course, please contact our Admissions team, who will arrange for you to talk to the Programme Leader in order to:

  • Discuss your qualifications to ascertain if you meet the entry criteria and discuss your modules studied on your current course
  • Discuss any relevant skills you have already acquired
  • Confirm if the transfer can be approved
  • Discuss a catch-up plan regarding work

If you wish to apply for entry into the second or third year of a course, for full time entry you must apply to UCEN Manchester through UCAS and for part time entry through a direct application form available on the website.

Please also refer to the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy 

You should:

  • check the financial implications of transferring to another higher education provider, especially if you will have to repeat a year
  • check that you meet the entry requirements for your course, which are listed with each of our undergraduate courses
  • ensure that you have (or can achieve) 120 credits from your current course
  • log in to UCAS to start your application
  • indicate your desired point of entry in the 'choices' section of your application
  • ensure the reference on your application is provided by one of your current higher education tutors
  • list details of all modules you have studied as well as your school-leaving qualifications.

In assessing your application, we look at:

  • your current studies (to see how you are getting on and if the modules you are taking are a good match to our own). This is why it is important your UCAS reference is from your current tutor 
  • your school leaving qualifications/experience (taken before starting at your current higher education course). We need to check you meet any specific entry requirements for your chosen course.  

If we cannot offer you a place in the second year, we may offer you a place starting in the first year.

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