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The Students’ Union (SU) is run by students, for students, and is here to support you during your time at UCEN Manchester.

It provides fantastic opportunities for you to meet new people, get involved with campaigns and events and aims to make your time with us even more enjoyable.

The SU is not a physical location. It is something you can join in with and be a part of at every UCEN Manchester campus as well as online.

Social Life 

Meet friends with similar interests, get involved in campaigns around topics you’re passionate about, make lifelong connections, and find new ways to enjoy yourself by joining the UCEN Manchester Students’ Union.  


Need study support? Reach out to UCEN Manchester’s SU to get advice and support from other students. 


Talk to the UCEN Manchester Student’s Union for help and support around a number of topics that might affect you while studying, including: 

  • debt and money 
  • funding 
  • accommodation 
  • academic issues 
  • physical and mental health 
  • students with children

Introducing your SU President, Molly Butcher

Hello all, my name is Molly Butcher and I am extremely excited to get started as your student president this year. We have so many exciting opportunities planned for this year and I encourage you to get involved with the student union in as many ways as you can, ranging from Student Union officers, Student Reps for your course and joining some of our societies.

I have just completed my degree in Musical Theatre. I am really looking forward to putting the work in to give back to the student experience and help every one of you have an amazing time studying here.

I can’t wait to meet you all and work with you tomake your time at UCEN Manchester the best experience. Starting a new course and meetingnew people can be nerve-wracking but your timehere at UCEN Manchester is invaluable, so takeevery chance you get.      

I look forward to hearing all your ideas and getting to know you all at our freshers week events and going forward the drop in sessions at your campus in the near future.

Introducing your SU Vice President, Joe Beard

Hello, I am Joe Beard and, as of September 2022, I will begin my term as your Student’s Union Vice President and I am very excited to get stuck in.

To give a brief insight into myself and my vision for the coming academic year: I want to be always approachable to you and on the same page as you so I can represent you best. I am very hard-working but I also think it is important to have a sense of humour too!

As a student myself, I have shared in both the fun and challenges of student life and will be using these experiences to help the union enhance your overallstudent experience. 

My priority this year is to break the post-Covid disconnect we all have and get people out of their classrooms and meeting new friends, collaborating where possible, encouraging each other every step of the way, and giving feedback to each other to help build a community.

I very much look forward to meeting everyone and taking part in what is to come!

  • SU Officers: meet your current officers or become one yourself! Each spring, the SU advertises for new SU Officers. Contact your SU President, Molly Butcher and Vice- President, Joe Beard, to be kept in the loop about elections and to learn more about each Officers role.

  • Join in a society or create your own: Creative Networking Society and more. Don’t see one you like? Start your own! Funding is available to get you started.

  • Take part in a campaign: such as the Anti-Single-Use-Plastic-Free Campus Campaign, or build your own

  • Email for more information and join us on social media

Contact The Students’ Union:

There are lots of ways to get involved with your SU, including: 

  • Register your interest by following our social media and emailing us.
  • Write a piece for the student newsletter or an article for the SU Bee Blog.
  • Join the SU leadership team, in one of the role available:
    • Finance Officer
    • Secretary
    • Welfare Officer
    • Communications and Campaigns Officer
    • Equality and Diversity Officer
    • Employability and Enterprise Officer
  • Create a campaign for change – e.g. single use plastics campaign 
  • Attend NUS Conferences 
  • Volunteer at SU activities - we partner with organisations around Manchester to give you opportunities to get involved in community projects
  • Join a society or sports team. Find people with similar likes and interests as you by following the SU social media pages on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, or by emailing 
  • Become the next SU President 

SU Officers and the SU President carry out important work throughout the year, celebrating successes and building on developments in collaboration with, and on behalf of, our students.

If you are interested in becoming an Officer, or the future President, email:  for more information.

Contact us


The Students’ Union at UCEN Manchester is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new online shop.

Students and staff can now shop a wide selection of high quality products in bright colours, including hoodies, jumpers, shorts, bags, shirts, scarfs and bags, which can be personalised with additional text.

Each product can display either UCEN Manchester or The Students’ Union (SU) logo. You can browse the wide range of products on a dedicated web page.

We'll be running virtual drop-ins across the year so that you can meet your SU and fellow students. 


  • 8.30am – 1.00pm
  • 1.30pm – 4.30pm


  • 8.30am – 1.00pm
  • 1.30pm – 4.30pm


  • 8.30am – 1.00pm


  • 8.30am – 1.00pm

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