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UCEN Manchester Podcast

UCEN Manchester Podcast

Welcome to our podcast, Your Guide to Uni.

Throughout the three-part series, we’ll give you all the ins and outs about all things student life in Manchester, and what to expect when studying with us.

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Listen now: Moving to Manchester

For some students, moving away to uni is a big part of the overall student experience, and we know that moving to a new city can be exciting and daunting at the same time. We hear from first-year student, Hannah, and our knowledgeable staff members, Jennifer, Careers and Welfare Co-ordinator, and Graduate Advisor from our Student Experience Team, Kamoni. They give their take on moving to one of the top fifteen cities in the world, which is ranked higher than any other city in England. 

Aside from the industry-led teaching and award-winning student support that we provide, Manchester offers a vibrant and diverse culture and is full of job opportunities for several industries with transport links everywhere you go. With a range of accommodation options, find out how we can support you to help you feel at ease during your time with us.

Listen now: Returning to Adult Education

We talk to Ester, who is a final year Computer, Networking, and Security student with us, Suzanne, Careers and Welfare Coordinator, and Maryanne, Student Voice Co-ordinator about what it is like to return to education but as an adult. They talk about different routes to career progression, as not everybody leaves school, goes to college, and then on to uni. Hear what it’s like for some people to return to education and the different routes they have taken to develop their careers or even completely change their career paths! 

Returning to education certainly may not be easy, that’s why we’re here to openly speak about the common misconceptions to help make your decision easier. If you haven’t been in education for a while, find out the steps you can take, and the support that is available to you. With the help from our Future U team, we are able to support you from the moment you submit your application as an adult learner.

Listen now: Studying a Practical Degree

Some courses require a more practical learning approach than others to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. They come in all shapes and sizes and not all practical subjects are in the same format or structure.

We talk with our Will, Head of MA (Directing), Josh, Head of Admissions and Recruitment, and Rob, Department Lead for Health, Social Science, and Sports. They walk you through some of the practical subjects and offer insight into what it’s like to study them at UCEN Manchester. Find out about our state-of-the-art facilities that prepare students for the industry across our newly redeveloped Openshaw campus and our brand-new City Campus in Manchester City Centre.

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