The Top 7 Benefits of Access to HE Courses

Photograph of a Computing student at UCEN Manchester working on a desktop computer.

Access to Higher Education Diplomas are courses that are specifically designed to give students the opportunity to gain the qualifications and UCAS points they need to meet university entry requirements if you don’t have a Level 3 qualification, such as a BTec or A Level.

Each year, there are around 254,000 mature students at universities across the UK. Many of them may not have A Levels and have entered university through Access to HE courses. 

If you are over the age of 19, and are wanting to go to university but don’t have the right qualifications to meet the entry requirements, an Access to HE course might be for you.

Here are our top reasons to do an Access to HE course.

No need for A Levels!

Don’t have A Levels? Don’t worry!

Access to HE Diplomas give mature students the opportunity to get the qualifications they need for university in just a year. Universities across the UK recognise Access to HE courses, so you can be sure to secure a place at university.

Opens higher education door for mature students

You might think university is only for the young…well, think again! There are around 254,000 mature students in the UK, and many of them have used an access to HE Diploma to secure their place at university.

Whether you’re wanting to start a different career or simply learn something new, an Access to HE Diploma can help mature students access their dream course.

Prepares you to study at degree level

With hundreds of Access to HE courses out there, you are sure to find one that specifically matches the subject you are aiming to do at degree level. This means that your Access to HE course will ensure you have the skills and knowledge you need to study your degree with ease. 

This includes computer competency, up-to-date subject knowledge and more, so you can close your knowledge gaps from the years you have taken out of education.

Can be completed on your schedule

Mature students typically have less free time than younger students, with mature students often having to balance.

Luckily, many colleges offer full-time and part-time options for Access to HE courses. This means you can complete the course in segments over the course of a year.

Lots of Access to HE courses to choose from

As mentioned earlier, there are a wider range of Access to HE courses available, this means you are sure to find a course that aligns with the degree you want to study at university level.

Here are some of the most popular Access to HE courses we offer: 

Access to HE courses are made easier with no exams

Returning to education can be intimidating, but rest assured that your progression to university is made a little easier. Access to HE courses are exam free! This means that all your assessments will be through coursework.

Reach your dream career!

As an access student, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification that can give you the step up you need to reach your dream career! Whether you want to become an IT specialist or a Nurse, it is never too late to use an Access to HE course to fast track your way to university!

View our wide variety of Access to Higher Education courses and apply today.