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Fresher’s Week takes place before the start of teaching so there is time to get to know the campus, the course and to find out more about UCEN Manchester. There will be a programme of Welcome Week activities which will include:

  • Enrolment
  • Induction Activity
  • Welcome talks from tutors and the Future U Support Team

All enrolment and induction information will be sent over summer so all students will have all the information they need before fresher’s week.

The first week of teaching will introduce students to their studies and the expectations of the programme. Please be reassured that there is support available and if you have concerns, please encourage your family member to access this support. Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, you’ll never be alone at UCEN Manchester. From the moment you start looking at courses with us, to after you’ve earned your qualifications and for as long as you need, we’re here to help. Click here for further information about our Future U Support Team.

The transition to higher education can be a big change and some students may initially struggle to adapt to a new style of learning. This is perfectly normal and nothing to panic about. In most cases a student will have been assigned a personal tutor.

A personal tutor enhances a student’s academic, personal and social development and is essential in ensuring that students make the most of their time at UCEN Manchester. Personal tutors acknowledge the student as a whole and consider both their academic and pastoral needs. Here at UCEN Manchester we aim to focus on skilled, professional conversations that explore, extend and enrich academic, personal and professional goals, yet offers a personalised, supportive consideration of students’ very busy lives outside of their academic community.

They provide two main forms of support: academic and pastoral.

Academic Support

Personal Tutors help students to reflect on their skills and experience, both within and outside of the curriculum, in an academic context and where appropriate, use this reflection to assist the student to formulate individual action plans and reviews. Personal Tutors can assist in discussing and translating assessment feedback so that improvements to work can be made.

Pastoral Support

Personal Tutors actively listen to students, providing encouragement and support as appropriate. Personal Tutors can also offer guidance and advice on the availability of appropriate support concerning study, disability, financial and other matters offered by UCEN Manchester or external services.

 This year, in addition to our usual support offer we’ll be running a summer school to help introduce applicants to our teaching and support teams, give them advice on how to make the most of their time in class and work effectively. Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and not everyone has come straight from school onto a degree. We know that for these students, some extra help around understanding processes, terminology, research and academic skills can go a long way to help their confidence when starting something new. And, we know that this year, those who’ve just finished their A Levels or college education may have had an extended period away from formal education, and might need to access this support too, to help them get back in the academic mind-set and prepare for their next steps. Our summer school provides sessions and resources for this and is open to all our applicants. Please note, this is provided completely free of charge and all sessions are optional.

Applicants will be advised of how to access this via email. We also send timely reminders of anything they may need to do like arranging accommodation, DSA or student finance throughout May and June.

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