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What is Cisco Networking Academy?

Cisco is a world leader in IT, networking and cyber security. The initiative is one of the largest social responsibility programmes in the world. It helps companies, communities and individuals transform how they connect, communicate and collaborate. Since the launch of the Cisco Networking Academy in 1997, it has seen 17.5 million students study in 11,800 academies across 190 countries.

Why complete a Cisco course? 

A Cisco course can help you: 

  • Increase your career prospects and widen your job opportunities
  • Learn the basics of advanced computing techniques and protocols
  • Launch or develop your career in computing.

How do UCEN Manchester work with Cisco?

In 1999 UCEN Manchester, then known as The Manchester College, became a Cisco Networking Academy and soon developed into one of the top academies in the North West of England. Since 2012 our status has changed and we're now one of the few Academy Support Centre (ASC) and Instructor Training Centre (ITC) Cisco Networking Academies in the country. As an ASC, we support and collaborate with around 35 other Cisco Networking Academies, ranging from schools, colleges, universities, community centres and other not for profit institutes. In 2023 UCEN Manchester was awarded Premier+ status, a global accolade which recognises innovation and excellence.  

We first started teaching the world-renowned networking course Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), later offering a large range of Cisco programmes. Courses are offered on a stand-alone basis or integrated in to our many full and part time programmes, ultimately giving students an edge in the employment market. Courses include:

  • CCNAv7: Introduction to Networks    
  • CCNAv7: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials    
  • CCNAv7: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation    
  • DevNet Associate    
  • CyberOps Associate    
  • Network Security
  • Cybersecurity Essentials 
  • Networking Essentials 
  • IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software 
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity.

We also offer courses partnered with Cisco Networking Academy:

  • NDG Linux Unhatched 
  • NDG Linux Essentials 
  • PCAP - Programming Essentials in Python 
  • JavaScript Essentials 1 (JSE).

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Learning with our Cisco Networking Academy

We teach our Cisco courses in a number of ways to prepare students for a flexible future. ICT skills enhance every pathway to success, whether a student is planning a technology career, pursuing another field, or starting a business. Our Cisco Networking Academy courses effectively inspire students because they are:

  • Innovative - instruction engages today’s learning styles, combining lectures, hands-on laboratories, simulations, games and online assessments
  • Relevant - projects reflect real-world situations, letting students practice critical thinking, collaborating for results, and presenting ideas clearly
  • Career-focused - extracurricular events and online communities encourage student involvement and provide career development
  • Consistent - instructors are trained and receive ongoing professional development to ensure consistency of delivery and teaching excellence
  • Accredited and aligned - courses prepare students for vendor professional accredited certifications, which are recognised by employers globally
  • Current - lessons and laboratories are developed and updated by subject-matter experts who work directly with evolving equipment and concepts

Our Cisco teaching approach has been student led with instructor interaction and the majority of the programmes have been built into our Foundation Degree’s, Bachelor Degree’s and Corporate Training over a number of years.

Join our Cisco Networking Academy 

Many of our Cisco short courses require no formal entry requirements which makes them highly accessible to students from a variety of backgrounds and industries.  

UCEN Manchester took two groups of students to visit Cisco’s head office in Manchester to gain a greater understanding of what it takes to attain a role with a market leading company. The aim was to help provide them with the skills and knowledge they will require if they wish to go on to further study or gain employment.

Students were accompanied throughout the half day meeting by numerous members of staff from Cisco, who had taken time out of their working week to discuss CV writing, job interview skills and opportunities within the company.

After completing the skills workshops our students received a tour of the offices and were provided with the opportunity to try some of Cisco’s latest gadgets (which was well received!). They also got the chance to pick the brains of some of Cisco’s longest serving and most experience staff, who were happy to talk about their time with the company and the opportunities they have been provided with (such as the option to travel across the world as part of their job).

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