Why study Health and Social Care at UCEN Manchester?

An image of Christiana as she is being interviewed in a mock hospital ward. Some of her fellow students are working in the background.
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Hear from Christiana, a Level 6 Health and Social Care student.

Christiana Nwosu explains everything you'd need to know about joining UCEN Manchester's School of Sport, Health and Wellbeing, including details of the support she has received.

Christiana says she chose her course as it was the best option to help her progress into her desired career pathway of mental health nursing for the elderly.

She also praised the facilities at UCEN Manchester's Openshaw Campus, as they help students prepare for the real-world working envrionment.

Video Transcript

My name is Christiana Nwosu, I'm doing the level six, health and social care. I chose this course because I find that it’s the best way for me, and the best pathway for me to go further.

After I finish this course, I want to go into mental health nursing for the elderly. What I love most about this course is that it gave me the right pathway to go into mental health nursing. What impressed me most about the facility is its good for the students to enable them to know what they will see in the future in case they want to go into medicine or nursing.

I would say that the tutors from my department are really good. They have time for us whenever we want any help. I chose UCEN Manchester from recommendation from people as well, was the first one, and also because it's very close to my place. When I came here for the introduction, I find the facility very interesting. I spoke with the tutors and I feel welcomed, and the atmosphere in the class is brilliant as well.

The support that I receive helped me a lot to buy the stuff that I need for school. It does help, especially for transport, to get the brand new laptops, and all those kinds for study. I think what I love most about UCEN Manchester is the class atmosphere and we're not too much in the class. The tutors have time for every one of us.

Go to UCEN Manchester, because I think the team are brilliant. They have more time for you in the setting, and you can always rely on your tutors for any help.