The next generation of health and care professionals

Portrait image of Sarah Deakin, Head of Department for Higher Education and Adults

UCEN Manchester health and care students are staying local

UCEN Manchester is providing the next generation of Greater Manchester health and care professionals choosing to study local and work local.

Sarah Deakin is Head of Department for Higher Education and Adults, Sports, Public Service and Care Professions.

She says: “Our Health and Care students tend to have studied or worked before, and have progressed from studying at The Manchester College. Around 70 per cent of the 2019 Higher National Certificate (HNC) students progressed from the College, and about 80 per cent of those were adults. While they access a wide range of careers across many professions and settings, from hospitals to care homes, schools and nurseries, their focus is on staying local and gaining employment across the city and the region.

“Many of our students use our courses as stepping stones to progress in their career, whether they need a HNC for a year of their nursing or a year on their Higher National Diploma (HND) course, or a year on Top-up. If they need to take a year out, they’ve got a fully recognised qualification rather than a certificate.

“Our courses fit in with their lives. There is flexibility because we run two intensive days, as opposed to other courses which do three days. In addition, the fact that UCEN Manchester is smaller than a university means we offer one-to-one support, and we know a student as an individual, not just as a number. This, combined with our central location and our lower course fees, make UCEN Manchester an ideal choice for career progression.”

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