What is Clearing Plus and when should it be used?

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UCAS Clearing Plus is a critical component of the university admissions process in the UK, providing opportunities for students to secure a place at their preferred universities even if they haven't received offers from their initial choices. 

In this article, we will explore what UCAS Clearing Plus is, how it works and when it should be used as we draw closer to the clearing opening date. 

What is Clearing Plus? 

UCAS Clearing Plus is a service introduced by UCAS to enhance the clearing process. It aims to match students with appropriate course vacancies, expanding their choices and maximising their chances of securing admission to their desired institutions. 

Applicants without a firm offer will be able to sign in to Track (your online UCAS account) to see an individual list of matched courses from relevant universities and easily send an expression of interest. 

This contrasts with the regular clearing method of manually searching for your desired course.  

How Clearing Plus works 

UCAS Clearing Plus operates through a sophisticated algorithm that matches students' preferences, qualifications, and aspirations with available course vacancies. 

Students create comprehensive profiles on UCAS, detailing their academic achievements, desired courses, and preferred universities. As clearing progresses and universities report available vacancies, UCAS Clearing Plus identifies suitable options for students based on their profiles. 

The algorithm matches students with appropriate course vacancies, considering factors like grades, subjects studied, and university preferences. In addition to the selected choices, UCAS Clearing Plus provides students with alternative course options that closely align with their interests and qualifications. 

Students are then encouraged to reach out to universities offering suitable courses on clearing day to discuss their interest and eligibility further. Once an offer is extended, students can accept it through UCAS, securing their place in the chosen course. 

When to use UCAS Clearing Plus 

UCAS Clearing Plus can be incredibly beneficial in various situations: 

  • When original choices are unavailable 
  • Late decision making 
  • Changing course preferences 
  • Accommodation and funding 

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FAQs About UCAS Clearing Plus 

Can I apply for multiple courses through UCAS Clearing Plus?  

Yes, you can apply for multiple courses simultaneously to increase your chances of securing a place. 

Are there any additional fees for using UCAS Clearing Plus?  

No, using UCAS Clearing Plus is free for all students. 

Can I apply for courses outside my chosen field of study?  

Yes, UCAS Clearing Plus offers diverse course options that may be outside your original preferences. 

UCAS Clearing Plus is a game-changer for students seeking university places in the UK.  

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