Ahmed flourishes on Sport Science degree

A portrait image of Ahmed in a black UCEN Manchester hoodie on the left; the UCEN Manchester logo on the right.

It’s fair to say that Ahmed Eldars has made the most of his time at UCEN Manchester.

On top of achieving a First Class honours degree in Sport Science and Human Performance, he became Sports and Activities Officer at our Students’ Union.

Now, he’s taken up a part-time role as Student Voice Co-ordinator in our Future U team while he continues to explore his dream career working with elite athletes.

We spoke to Ahmed about his time at UCEN Manchester and his highlights along the way.

Why did you choose to study at UCEN Manchester?

I spent one year at The Manchester College and was looking to start studying Sport Science. I did some research and attended an Open Day. After seeing all the facilities and the new equipment, and hearing about the plans for the sports department, I was surprised by what UCEN Manchester offers. Also, to get a degree accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University while having the advantage of paying lower fees and being in a small class number, that was a win for me.

How do you feel now you have achieved your qualification?

I can’t believe it; the three years went so quickly. I am feeling proud of what I achieved, and I feel that I made the right decision to choose UCEN Manchester to get my degree. 

How did you find your time studying with UCEN Manchester?

It was really good; we had a mix of online learning as well as classes and practical workshops. Also, I have been part of the Students’ Union as the Sports and Activities Officer, which gave me a chance to work alongside a great team and gain lots of experience while we were representing the student voice and putting together social events, sports, and societies for all students. 

What was the best thing about studying with UCEN Manchester?

I would say how the modules work, the assignments and the facilities that we have. The Student Experience team also work hard to create the best atmosphere to successfully achieve your goals. 

Following completion of your course what will you do next?

I just finished my degree, and I have started my new part-time job as a Student Voice Co-ordinator for a year, which will help me a lot to gain great experience while I am planning to gain more qualifications in my field. 

What are your long-term career aspirations?

As I am a keen runner at the moment and used to play football, I have a dream to get involved with elite runners in coaching or working with football clubs specifically in Greater Manchester as we have many great clubs around.

Would you recommend UCEN Manchester to other people and why?

Definitely yes, I would advise everyone to study at UCEN Manchester. Whatever your age or background, UCEN Manchester will deliver the best experience you can have. 

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