What is Sports Science?

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Are you looking for a course that meets your passion for both sports and science?

The sports science industry is booming, with the average professional in the field making an average of £29,000 per year in the UK. 

With many career prospects and avenues to take, a Sports Science degree can help you learn skills, knowledge and secure your dream roles.

Does this sound interesting to you? 

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What is sport science?

Sport science is a field that combines science and sports to help athletes perform at their best and understand the human body's capabilities. It's like unlocking the secrets behind athletic success and how to replicate it with other people.

In sport science, experts study things like how your body works during sports and physical movement. They figure out how to make your muscles and heart stronger and your movements more efficient. They also look at how your brain affects your performance and how food and exercise help you get better.

What can you do with a sports science degree?

Sports science is a wide field with many avenues and career opportunities.

Here are a few things you can do with your sports science degree:

●    Sports coach or trainer
●    PE teacher
●    Athletic trainer
●    Sports nutritionist
●    Rehabilitation specialist
●    Fitness trainer
●    Sports and health consulting
●    Sports medicine practitioner

Is sports science a good degree?

A degree in sports science is a rewarding journey for those who are passionate about sports and science. With a sports science degree you can help athletes reach their full potential. 

Pursue your dreams and turn your love for sports and science into a career with many opportunities for professional development!

Benefits of a sport and exercise science degree

A sport science degree can provide you with many opportunities in the health and fitness industry. 

If you receive your degree in the UK, it is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification which means you can choose where you want to work!

You also develop a wide set of  practical skills and knowledge that can help you in your career after graduation. 

Choosing the right sport science course

When it comes to choosing the right sports science degree, UCEN Manchester stands out as a top choice. 

Manchester is a city with a rich sporting tradition, so is the perfect place to pursue your passion for sports and exercise science. 

With state-of-the-art facilities, you'll gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in the sports sector.

The focus here is on ensuring you're well-prepared to compete with the best and make your mark in the industry. 

Convinced that a degree in sports science is your calling? 

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