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Manchester is more than just a city. It’s a hotbed of culture, music, film, theatre, sport and food. We love being here and we know you will too. It’s the perfect place to find your future as a UCEN Manchester student.

The city has a great public transport system, so you’ll have the pick of our lively districts to live in. Here at UCEN Manchester, we work closely with Manchester Student Homes to bring you quality, safe rented houses with accredited landlords and a good mix of housemates. You’ll be able to choose from private rented houses and apartments, as well as private halls of residence.

Manchester Student Homes offer a range of services such as contract checking, housing, advocacy and support. They have also set up a code of standards that all accredited landlords are required to sign up to.

You can search for accommodation on the Manchester Student Homes website.

They also have a handy message board where you can post or respond to messages regarding spare rooms in a student house or private halls.

Manchester Student Homes have released the following information for student tenants in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic: read it here.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Manchester Student Homes or Future U: Student Support Services.

Housing Forum for Students

As we near the end of student tenancies, a majority of which are due to end on 30th June, you may have a number of housing queries as a result of the effects of Covid-19. Manchester Student Homes works in partnership with the UCEN Manchester and provides information, advice and guidance to students on the private rented sector. In order to support students living in the private rented sector Manchester Student Homes will be hosting Housing Forums for Students, with a live Questions and Answers session, via Zoom.

Each session will be held by our Housing Caseworker at the following times/days:

  • Tuesday 23rd June | 2pm-4pm
  • Thursday 25th June | 10am-12pm
  • Wednesday 1st July | 2pm-4pm
  • Tuesday 7th July | 1pm-3pm

The Housing Caseworker will update on a number of topics including, but not limited to:

  • End of tenancy
  • Collection of belongings
  • Deposit queries
  • Check out inventory
  • Moving into new household safely
  • Living in a large student house during Covid-19

If you are interested in attending one of the Housing Forums please email your interest along with the following information to by 2pm the day before the event.

  • your full name;
  • confirm that you are a student at UCEN Manchester; and
  • your student number.

Attendance to the forum is by registration only. Instructions on how to join the forum will be made available once you have registered your interest.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Manchester Student Homes at or on 0161 275 7680.

If you have rented accommodation in the private sector, you may have some questions relating to your tenancy and belongings. Below is guidance for some Frequently Asked Questions but you can also contact Manchester Student Homes by email at or on 0161 275 7680 to discuss your personal circumstance and for further advice.

Our team is currently working remotely to make sure that we can offer you advice and guidance at this time on any housing or community-related questions you may have.

I have a signed contract for a house/ apartment/ private hall room but have moved home, can I cancel it?

You have signed in to a legally binding contract, so it is up to each accommodation provider to make the decision about whether they are able to provide a concession or to write off the remaining rent due. This will be at the accommodation provider’s discretion for a variety of reasons, for example, they may not be in a position to incur the financial loss.

Currently, Government support for accommodation providers centres on a ‘mortgage holiday’. As it stands, it may not be possible for your accommodation provider to waive your rent payments for the remaining term of the contract.

We would recommend that you try to have a conversation with your accommodation provider to see if they are able to offer any concessions or negotiations on your rent.

You could also ask for a reasonable payment plan e.g. £100 per month for an agreed number of months. The government has announced that accommodation providers cannot deny a reasonable payment plan. If the case is taken to court, any details of correspondence you have sent asking for a payment plan that the accommodation provider denied could be used as evidence in your favour. Please ensure that communications are detailed in writing and any telephone conversations are followed up with written confirmation (this should be standard practice for any dealing with your accommodation provider).

I have signed a contract for a house/ apartment/ private hall room for the next academic year, but I want to defer my move in date?

You have signed into a legally binding contract for a fixed period, you can speak to your accommodation provider to see if they will defer the contract. However, this would most likely mean that your contract would end at a later date.

I have signed a contract for a house/ apartment/ private hall room for the next academic year, but now I am deferring for a year. What do I do?

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding -contract and all tenants are obliged to its terms until the end of the fixed period. To avoid any contractual breaches there are a couple of things you should make sure to do. These are as follows:

  1. Inform the other tenants (not applicable to those on an individual contract)
  2. Inform your accommodation provider.
  3. Seek an alternative tenant by advertising on Manchester Student Homes’ Message Board and posting on Manchester Student Homes’ Facebook page.
  4. Once an alternative tenant has been found, contact the accommodation provider and the tenants to arrange for a transfer of names to occur.
  5. Ensure that your name has been removed from the tenancy.

Note: The replacement tenant must be accepted by all parties (where applicable) involved in the contract. If a replacement tenant is not found you are still liable for the contractual obligations (including rent) of the tenancy.

You are welcome to post as many messages as you like and in more than one section of the Manchester Student Homes’ Message Board. In the message you should include detail such as:

  • Whether it is a house or a Private Hall
  • The number of tenants the house/flat accommodates
  • How much the room is
  • Whether or not bills are included in the rent
  • Location of the property
  • Facilities
  • Distance from the city or key locations
  • The time it takes to get to the locations mentioned
  • Your contact number (if you prefer)

It will be beneficial for you to reply to existing posts where students are looking for accommodation.

How do I deal with my belongings that I have left in Manchester?

Following on from Government and University advice, many students have left their term time address and returned home due to the Covid-19 pandemic leaving their belongings in privately rented rooms in Manchester and we appreciate that there is a lot of uncertainty on how to proceed.

Tenants are legally protected by Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. There is a legal duty on the accommodation provider to take reasonable care of the goods until they are returned to their owner, they also have a responsibility to protect and keep secure any belongings that have been left in a property. If an accommodation provider sells or disposes of the goods without taking the correct steps the tenant could advance a civil claim against them.

In scenarios where accommodation providers believe that belongings have been abandoned, with no intention from the tenant to collect them, they should ensure to receive express consent from the tenant before disposing of belongings. Accommodation providers should be able to demonstrate that several attempts were made to contact the tenant and a reasonable period of time had lapsed before disposing of the goods.

It is now possible for students to travel back to their student home to collect belongings and clear the current property of items as per the clauses in the tenancy agreement. Tenants should liaise with their accommodation provider and housemates regarding plans for packing belongings in a reasonable time limit. This is also to ensure that there is enough space for tenants, and their family, to collect belongings whilst continuing to social distance. Please ensure that communications are detailed in writing and any telephone conversations are followed up with written confirmation (this should be standard practice for any dealing with your accommodation provider).

I have left Manchester and will not be returning. What does this mean for me?

Tenants who have been repatriated to their home country or do not intend to return to Manchester will need to seek assistance from their accommodation provider, housemates and/or friends in the city. Personal belongings should be organised, packed and shipped to the tenant’s overseas or UK address. It should be noted that although the accommodation provider is obliged to secure a tenant’s personal belongings, it is not for an extended period and there may be storage and ultimately removal costs involved. Tenants should liaise with their ‘packer’ and arrange for the shipper to collect packed items at a convenient time.

I need to ship my belongings, is there someone I can contact?

Student tenants that have gone home who may have left their possessions but can’t, or don’t wish to, return to Manchester to collect them before their tenancy ends, will need to arrange for it to be stored or collected. Some students have been working with Flexistore, a student storage company, to provide a solution for students who are unable to collect their belongings.

Flexistore are offering packing and storage and/or shipping service. Student tenants can arrange for Flexistore to gain access to their private rented room to pack and then move their property either to the Flexistore storage facilities in Manchester or ship directly to their preferred address. Packing costs vary and it is best to contact them directly for a quotation - Storage and shipping charges will be variable. Insurance is usually included but can be topped up if necessary.

I am moving into my Student Accommodation in a few weeks what should I do?

The Government advice for people moving into new properties is to take care and follow social distancing advice to minimise the possible spread of coronavirus.

If you are intending to take up residence in your new accommodation from the first day of your tenancy it would be really helpful to communicate with your landlord so they can make plans to prepare the property for you. In addition to this, if you are able to then it is also advisable to liaise with your new housemates in order to ensure that you can organise move in following the social distancing guidelines safely.

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