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You’ll find loads of content to help you support your students to research, plan and apply to universities and degree providers like us. 

You might also like to share advice and information directly with College and Sixths Form Students  or Parents and Carers that you work with.

On this page you'll find:

  • Why should you book your students onto UCAS Exhibitions
  • Supporting your students with the transition to uni

Why should you book your students onto UCAS Exhibitions?

UCAS Exhibitions can be the first step to help you get your students talking about their future.

The events are inspiring and as well as being a great (and effecient) way to help your students to start talking to universities, higher education and apprenticeship providers, they provide numerous talks and information sessions they can also attend.

You and your students will have a chance to speak to hundreds of degree providers and universities and hear from students and staff about the offer and experience each one has to offer.

 UCAS Discovery Events are recommended for year 11s and 12s as they start making decisions but can also be great for year 13s who’ve not had a chance to consider their options or are changing their mind. 

UCAS Create Your Future Events

These are creative industry focused events for those looking for a future in the arts, whether that’s Performing Arts, Film and TV, Digital Media, Fashion, or Fine Art. The event cycle for Create Your Future Events is typically:

  • London - October
  • Manchester – November

We attend both events.

Upcoming Open Days

Take a look at all our upcoming events.

UCAS Discovery Events

These cover a wider range of subjects, with unis and degree providers talking about their full offer rather than just having a creative focus. These run across the UK. We attend:

  • Manchester – March
  • Stoke-on-Trent – April
  • Middlesbrough – May
  • Liverpool - June
  • Leeds - June
  • Sheffield - June
  • Newcastle - June
  • Bangor - June

You can see the full calendar of UCAS Events here.

Supporting your students with the transition to uni

Here are our tips as well as a range of resources that you can share with your students to ensure that they succeed in their next steps.

Emphise building their study skills

Students can start building their study skills ahead of uni using our Study Skills sessions. These are broken into Spring, Summer and Autumn sesions that compliment what they may need at each point in their journey. These cover topics including: goal setting, self-management, critical thinking, reviewing feedback and many more. 

Study skills

Advise them to start the process early

The sooner they make their application as well as decisions the sooner they can refocus on final year exams and assessments. This can help manage stress and also allow them to focus on the exciting aspects of their future. 

We recommend the following timeline where possible. Remember UCAS Extra and Clearing ensure that there are back-up routes if they can't get their application in on time, don't receive the offers they wanted or change their mind. 

This is a year of discovery to help students start developing a clearer idea of what they want.

  • Attend UCAS Events
  • Attend open days
  • Check entry requirements
  • Start shortlisting unis and locations

This is a year of action, students should be proactively starting to make decisions on their future.

  • Attend open days - October - December
  • Shortlist uni's on UCAS - October - December
  • Write a personal statement - October - January
  • Apply by UCAS deadline - January
  • Apply for Student Finance - February - May
  • Look at accomodation - February - June
  • Apply through Extra - February  - June
  • Apply through Clearing - July - September

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