Professional Development for Health and Sport

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Explore CPD for Sport, Health and Wellbeing

Develop core technical skills and increase your employability with a HTQ in Sport or Health.

All of our HTQ courses are backed by employers and will provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience to drive your career forward. 

Whether you're looking to  enter the growing health sector or get out into the community with our coaching courses you'll develop a range of transferrable skills that will open exciting new opportunities to access 'high skill, high pay' jobs.

Our Sport and Health HTQ's are perfect for employers who are looking to develop their teams to ensure that they are up to date with current industry practice. 

They provide a fantastic professional development opportunity that will ensure that your employees can gain new skills that will make them experts in their field. 

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Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQ)

Degree courses to support your professional development of technical skills.

Health and Wellbeing


Short courses

If you're not ready for a degree, our short courses can act as a bridging qualification to support your learning and help you prepare for degree level study.

Introduction to English in the Health Professions


6 hours online delivery | FREE COURSE

Tailored for aspiring healthcare professionals, this course delves into the intricacies of English language usage within medical contexts. From mastering medical terminology to honing interpersonal communication skills, participants will gain the confidence and competence necessary to excel in a variety of healthcare settings. Whether you're a future nurse, physician, or healthcare administrator, this course provides the linguistic toolkit essential for clear, concise, and compassionate communication in the healthcare field.

Introduction to Maths in the Health Professions


6 hours online delivery | FREE COURSE

From dosage calculations to statistical analysis, delve into the essential mathematical concepts tailored specifically for health professionals. Whether you're a future nurse, pharmacist, or healthcare administrator, this course provides a solid foundation in mathematical skills crucial for navigating the complexities of modern healthcare practice.

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