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February to May

Applicant Events

Check out the Applicant Hub for infomation about upcoming events. If you don't get the chance to attend any of our applicant events then you can contact our admissions team to arrange a virtual meeting with our teaching team time by emailing the UCEN Admissions team. 

April to May 

Accepting your offer

When you are sure which university and course to make your firm and insurance choice, log on to UCAS Track to accept your offer. 

If you are holding an offer for UCEN Manchester or any other institutions and you applied before 26 January you must select your firm and insurance choice by 09 June or UCAS will automatically decline all offers you have received.

All deadlines for accepting your offers are below.

  • 09 June: Deadline to respond if you received all your decisions by 19 May (except if you are applying using Extra)
  • 21 July: Deadline to respond if you received all your decisions by 14 July 

March to May 

Apply for Student Finance

You can apply for your Student Finance from February via the Student Finance England portal – this covers all aspects of fees and funding.

To ensure you receive funding before starting your chosen course in September please apply by 21 May. When applying for Student Finance for UCEN Manchester you'll need to choose our parent organisation 'LTE Group' when you make your application.

July - September

Getting ready for University

If you are holding a Conditional offer with us then we will be in touch with you once we receive your results to let you know if we can confirm your place at the University.

Please apply for Student Finance and contact our Disability Support Team to make a disability support application as soon as you receive your offer to ensure there are no delays.


Join us for Welcome and Induction Week

Join us for Welcome and Induction week  – we will be sending you detailed information to ensure you start university fully-informed and ready to enjoy your studies.

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