Why study Computing at UCEN Manchester?

A photograph of Szymon while he is being interviewed.
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Hear from first year Software Development student Szymon.

Szymon Kaczkowska explains how the welcoming environment at UCEN Manchester has really allowed him to thrive on his Software Development course, as well as the feedback he receives from his tutors.

Szymon chose his course to further develop his interest in web scripting and programming, having created his own websites in the past.

After he graduates, he aims to work as a Software Developer.

Video Transcript

My name is Szymon Kaczkcowska, and I'm currently studying Software Development. This is my first year. The environment in UCEN Manchester. People are so friendly, the atmosphere is so good, so you can feel more comfortable. You will just come here and be yourself.

I chose this course because I'm interested doing web scripting, web programming. I loved creating websites, for example, for gaming, for clothing. My tutors are really helpful. When I done the standard thing, I'm just asking, and the way they explain things, they are good, they are detailed so I know what I have to do because they explain it to me step-by-step.

So after I finish my course, I want to work as a software developer. I chose UCEN Manchester because I saw the reviews and they were quite well, quite good. So I've decided yeah, I can have a go and just try it.