Student Diary 22 Year Old Graphic Design and Advertising Student Manchester

Title - Student Diary: A 22-year-old Graphic Design and Advertising student from Manchester

Age: 22

Course: FdA Graphic Design and Advertising

From: Manchester


8am: My first class usually starts at 9.30, I stick the kettle on for a hot water bottle and a cup of tea. I set up my desk for class.

1pm: Lunch is simple, I usually have eggs on toast or something easy. I speak to my grandma a few times a week and live with another student who I spend time with.

2pm:  I start my afternoon by starting tasks from my morning class. If it’s bright out, I’ll go for a walk. This helps me feel energised after sitting in a non-well lit room all day.

6pm: I spend my evening playing games and doing bits of work in between.