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Student Diary: A 20-year-old Graphic Design student from Newcastle

Age: 20

Course: FdA Graphic Design and Advertising

From: Newcastle


8am: I get up, make some breakfast, shower, put my equipment and sketchbooks in my bag then walk to uni.

1pm; So far I've had my first half of class for the day which usually entails a talk and being given our tasks for the day. For lunch I'll typically have the chips and gravy. During lunch I'll catch up with my classmates.

3pm: During the afternoon I'll work on my tasks I’ve been set and likely present to my peers for their feedback. So far I've enjoyed the fact we'll normally work on live briefs which are very good experience for the industry

5pm: I'll walk home and make my tea then spend around an hour working on any additional tasks then relax via playing video games with friends and watching Netflix.

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