Student Diary: A 20-year-old Acting student from Liverpool

Title - Student Diary: A 20-year-old Acting student from Liverpool

Age: 20

Course: HNC Performing Arts (Acting)

From: Liverpool


7am: I begin my mornings with between 10 and 45 minutes of yoga to warm my body up and keep me feeling energised for my lessons, which start at 9 or 10am. I will have all my books prepared for the day. I’ve had breakfast and make sure I have a bottle of water.

1pm: I always have a small lunch as I tend to feel less tired afterwards. I spend some time on my classwork so I’m not behind on anything, making sure I’m speaking to others to keep socialising. In my spare time I love to draw. This allows me to let myself go and relax.

2pm:  More classes. I really enjoy the time I can spend with the others on the acting course, working and studying together. It’s been hard learning online so I take a 2 hour break to rest my eyes after being on my laptop all day.

6pm: I spend my evening finishing up my work and making my dinner, normally eating at around 6 or 7pm. I then chill out and rest until the next morning, always making sure I give myself enough sleep.