Student Diary: A 19-year-old Musical Theatre student from Yorkshire

Student Diary: A 19-year-old Musical Theatre student from Yorkshire

Age: 19

Course: HNC Musical Theatre

From: Skipton, Yorkshire


9am: My classes generally start at 9:30 and most days it’s dance we have first, either ballet or jazz. On our busiest day, Tuesday, I arrive at 9:25 for jazz. We do a class warm up led by our teacher then we either do technique exercises or learn a routine. We then go straight to ballet after an hour and a half of jazz, do an hour of ballet then we have lunch.

11am: So far we’ve done two dance classes. After these I go to the canteen and get food or we will have brought food with us, then after we’ve eaten we’ll go and sit in a studio and either run through dances, run songs, or sit and chat.

2pm: After lunch I have an hour of fitness then my group has an hour and a half break before we go into acting, followed by singing class, then a tap class and finish the day at 6pm. At this point we’re all quite tired but enjoying ourselves regardless

6pm: After class we all normally walk back to our accommodation together as the majority of us live in the same building. From there we’ll either have tea together or we’ll split off and go have our tea separately. After tea I tend to watch Netflix or read to try and relax then I’ll put on some music and write a list of the things I need to do the next day, tomorrow isn’t a very busy day so I try to do any written work or chores I have then.