Make-up skills turn Beth into social media star

UCEN Manchester student Bethany Gallagher

Amazing special effects transformations from UCEN Manchester student.

Famous faces are regularly appearing on UCEN Manchester’s social media feed thanks to the amazing transformation skills of Bethany Gallagher.

The FdA Special Effects Make-Up Artistry student is an internet sensation after posting a series of unbelievable make up transformations from Joe Exotic and The Joker, to the Queen and even Liam Gallagher. Her skills have been shared by LADbible and ProperManc and have been viewed by thousands of followers.

We spoke to Bethany about her success, studying at UCEN Manchester and her hopes for the future:

How are you managing lockdown?

"It’s had its ups and downs. I make sure I exercise every day, whether walking or going on run! I find this helps me start the day positively. I then focus the main part of the day on creating a new makeup look, and I have learned to keep my mind occupied."

What was it like being featured on Ladbible and Propermanc?

"I did not expect the Ladbible one! I just saw it on Twitter. It is really good exposure as they have over a million followers.

"I am currently working with Propermanc who have asked me to film a few step by steps for their social media. People are able to comment on all the videos posted so it’s nice to see their reactions to my work."

Is there anything that you are finding particularly helpful about your course at UCEN Manchester?

"Yes, learning how to make and apply prosthetics, wig preparation, being able to be creative and think outside the box.

My tutors are all so encouraging and helpful, they always take time to speak on a one-to-one basis and will always do their best for you.

"At the minute with everything that’s going on they all keep in contact and continue to support us, through email and on social media!

"I think UCEN Manchester’s social media platform is very helpful as it encourages everyone to keep on working hard!"

What are your hopes for the future?

I want to get my degree at UCEN Manchester so this will open up more options for me in my future career.

"I will try my hardest to gain as much work experience as I can do. I would absolutely love to work in film and TV."

What would you say to anyone thinking of applying to UCEN Manchester?

"If there is a course you are passionate about then absolutely do it!"

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