Jez’ final project magazine hits the shelves

On the left is the UCEN Manchester logo on a white background. On the right is a selfie of Jez Reid.

A magazine created by a UCEN Manchester student for his final major project has hit the shelves across Manchester!

Jez Reid recently graduated from his BA (Hons) Top-up Creative Media & Visual Communication course on the Graphics Design pathway with first class honours and for his final major project, Jez brought to life a long-held passion project of his – a magazine all about the story of t-shirts! 

Having first joined UCEN Manchester to study a Foundation degree in Graphic Design and Advertising, Jez is now aiming for a full-time job as a junior designer or marketer in Manchester, that will allow him to create more issues of Teese magazine

We asked Jez about the inspiration behind the magazine, how it feels to see his creation on sale and his highlights at UCEN Manchester.

Can you explain what Teese Magazine is about for people who are unaware?

Teese is a passion project of mine that I have had the idea of years. This is taken from the website which should give some more context: Teese is a brand that champions the humble t-shirt as a staple of modern fashion. It explores the choice behind the preferred garments of interesting people, creatives and non-creatives alike, revealing the emotive response that a cut of fabric and some colours can establish and recall in ones mind, and heart.

Where did the idea for Teese Magazine come from?

I personally have a large collection of t-shirts (over 50 the last time I counted) and I just love their simplicity. For something so benign and seemingly ordinary, they hold a lot of weight in terms of memories they spark in our minds; a person, a place, a time. All of these things find themselves woven into the fabric of our t-shirts.

I’m also very fond of magazines, I collect them and have always wanted my own, so getting an opportunity to explore all the elements that go into a magazine (photography, writing, layout, interviewing, illustration) was a dream come true for me. 

How did it feel to see the magazine on shop shelves around Manchester and what are your plans for the magazine moving forward?

It was of course incredibly rewarding and satisfying; it felt like all my hard work had paid off and the whole experience was worth it. The plan now is to start working a full time job as a junior designer, or marketer and use the money I earn to fund the next issue of the magazine. I have lots of ideas at the minute but of course money is a catalyst to get the ball rolling on said ideas! 

Why did you choose to study at UCEN Manchester?

I applied for a few institutions in Manchester, all of which I got accepted on, however UCEN Manchester felt like it would be more personal. The class sizes were small, which was great as it meant the tutors could spend more time with us and our projects as individuals. There were also a lot of opportunities to work with agencies such as Kin+Carta and even the government, which I don’t think I would have received at another institution. 

How do you feel now you have achieved your qualification?

I feel incredibly grateful for the people around me that helped with my final project (Teese), and also very relieved that all my hard work resulted in a good grade that will hopefully land me a decent job sometime in the near future. 

How did you find your time studying with UCEN Manchester?

It was great! Of course, with all periods of studying comes some elements of stress and a lot of work, but ultimately, these things were worth it for the final outcome. 

What was the best thing about studying with UCEN Manchester?

As I mentioned earlier, probably the relationship between the students and the tutors. Because of the small class size, the tutors were readily available to help myself and my peers more or less whenever we needed them, which I think is a large part of why our group worked so well individually and as a team. 

What are your long-term career aspirations?

Teese is at the forefront of my aspirations. For now it’s just something I can do in my spare time, but eventually I want my full time job title to be ‘Editor of Teese magazine’. 

Would you recommend UCEN Manchester to other people and why?

Yes! The units on the course were all very entertaining and gave me new skills to utilise in my professional career, so I can definitely recommend the course to those who are wanting to get a good start and increase their employment opportunities.

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Teese magazine is available to buy in several outlets across Manchester or online at Rare Mags and UNITOM.