Hulin finds UCEN Manchester First Class

Alumni Hulin Tchakounte Leuta

Alumni Hulin Tchakounte Leuta achieves his first class dream with UCEN Manchester

Name: Hulin Tchakounte Leuta

Course: BA Criminology and Criminal Justice - First class honours

Career goal: To complete my PhD and become a motivational speaker.


What are your highlights of studying with us?

I started at Entry Level and achieved a First class honours degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, so I’ve come a long way. I knew I was intelligent, but I never knew I could be a first class grade student, especially with English not being my first language and the fact that I migrated here.

It was a privilege to study at UCEN Manchester. The staff were terrific and always there to help, as were the friends I made. However, most importantly, I cannot put into words how my lecturer Angela helped me to get to the next level academically.

How did your time at UCEN Manchester influence your ambitions?

Before studying here, I never truly believed in myself. I knew I had the potential, but my self-esteem was not in the right place. But thanks to Angela, I slowly became more confident in my abilities, I embraced the challenges and never gave up.

What I learned at UCEN Manchester is that skill is only developed by hours and hours of working on your craft. My journey here has taught me to aim for the stars and work hard to get there.

Would you recommend us to others?

Most definitely, especially for students that want to study Criminology. Coming to UCEN Manchester was a blessing.

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