How to Become a Teacher

Learners attending a teaching course

Are you interested in making a positive difference to people’s lives? Are you motivated by the thought of helping others achieve their full potential and find it rewarding to see others flourish? Do you want to shape the future? 

If your answer is yes, embarking on a Teacher Education qualification with UCEN Manchester is the perfect pathway to your success. 

In many ways, teachers step into a role which goes beyond just a professional occupation. In helping the growth and nurturing of minds of all ages, teachers play a direct role in supporting the development of their students. 

At UCEN Manchester, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education for people of all ages! So you won’t be surprised to hear that we also take pride in helping people who share our passion to become teachers themselves on our Teacher Education courses so that you can start their journey to a career working in education. 

Explore Specialised Programmes

At UCEN Manchester, you will find a range of specialised Teacher Education programmes, tailored to your interests and career goals. Whether you aspire to teach a specific age group, become a specialised subject teacher or want to work with people with specialist educational needs; our courses will provide the knowledge and training you need to kickstart your career in education.

You will establish teaching skills which are transferable between subjects and classroom settings. Your learning will incorporate a practical approach to develop hands-on experience and confidence to promote success in ‘real-world’ teaching environments.

Our faculty is composed of expert educators who have industry experience (as well as professional expertise) in the field, so if you value smaller classes and one-on-one support, UCEN Manchester has you covered. 

On the other hand, we understand that you may have a busy schedule which does not allow for full-time classroom learning. As such, our Teacher Education courses are delivered in a way which allows you to balance your life and responsibilities with your studies.

Much of what we offer is part-time and designed to complement and enhance your role or placement; allowing you to put what you learn directly into practice in the field. 

What qualifications do I need to become a teacher? 

Lifelong education is a process which requires dedication, ongoing learning and a commitment to the development of others. We appreciate the significant role teachers fulfil and are here to support you in achieving the qualifications and skills you need to start your teaching journey. 

To become a teacher, you must demonstrate a diverse range of skills and abilities, as well as being able to engage with and relate to your students. The entry requirements/qualifications needed will depend on the course level. 

How can I prepare myself to start teaching?

Preparing yourself to step into the classroom (regardless of the setting or age group) can be daunting, and involves a combination of study, practical experience, and personal development. 

At UCEN Manchester, our teaching programmes go beyond just a quality education, delivering specialised training, curriculum and transferable practical skills to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of a real-world teaching environment. 

Our courses are designed to cater to your current level of qualification and experience. Whether you pursue a Certificate of Education (CertEd), Level 4 Certificate, Level 5 Diploma, or a Postgraduate qualification - we have a programme which will support your career ambitions and complement your skills. 

UCEN Manchester Teacher Education programmes don’t only focus on academic attainment and professional development, but also on fostering your growth as an individual. As a teacher, your impact goes beyond the classroom, and we’re here to support you in becoming a versatile and effective educator to learners of all ages.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your education journey, UCEN Manchester is here to help. Learn more about our teacher education courses and apply today.