Graduates give their views on UCEN Manchester

Tim Egerton Photography graduate

Students showcase their work and the benefits of coming to UCEN Manchester

#didyouknow you can progress to higher level art, design, fashion and photography courses with our higher education provider UCEN Manchester, with courses based on campuses shared with The Manchester College? As part of The Manchester College's #didyouknow Visual Arts week (June10-14), we spoke to three BA Hons Creative Media and Visual Communications graduates at their final year show.

Name: Tim Egerton (pictured)

End of year work: ‘Contemplation of Place’ – Photography

He said: “The work was about engaging with my home town in the middle of the night. Spaces that are usually filled during the day can be both absent and haunting at night time. I would got out at 3am or 4am and take photos around Heywood to get the images I was after. I would like to keep working in this style and become established in the arts.

“UCEN Manchester has been great. Completing a university course in a college campus means that you get a lot more hands-on time and tutoring, which is great.”

Catherine Clark

End of year work: ‘Breathe’ – Contemporary jewellery

She said: “My final work is art jewellery infused with essential oils. The idea is that it works with your own body’s natural energy and is a stress reliever, so helps you to fight against the anxieties of the day with oils including ylang ylang and lavender. I chose different fabrics and made huge pieces out of materials such as broom handles, which I chopped and sanded and dyed different colours. It took me a lot of time to make each piece.

“All my work was created at Northenden campus. It’s a fabulous place to work, I wouldn’t be able to create these pieces without all the facilities available including the wood work room, the sewing area, and the metal work room. All the facilities are fantastic and I wouldn’t have been able to experiment if I wasn’t at that campus.”

Christelle Momini

End of Year Work: ‘Distinguish’ - children’s wear

“The inspiration for my childrenswear collection is from the futurism art movement, and my project for the next year will be promoting myself as a freelancer - Christelle McDuthu.

“The course helped me to be confident and to be able to work as a freelancer, so thank you UCEN Manchester.”