Graduate Sam shares his UCEN Manchester journey

Picture of Sam Robson

We spoke to Sam Robson, The Arden School of Theatre graduate and founder of Zuuloop Media, about moving from a career in engineering to taking to the stage.

What made you choose UCEN Manchester?

In all honesty, The Arden was the only drama school to offer me the opportunity to showcase myself, as my previous education qualifications were not in the field I applied for.

What was your background before coming to study with us?

I had been a welder working around the UK since 18. I had studied Manufacturing Engineering at college and started my apprenticeship at Grimsby Further Institute but at 25 I got sick of this and gave it up to travel, then gave travel up a year later to rethink my career options.

How did your tutors support you during your studies?

My tutors played a key role in supporting me when I got accepted into The Arden, it was a whole new world.

I was also a mature student which gave me slight anxiety. But that was quickly set at ease as I saw how passionate the tutors were and how much positivity they gave towards believing in me, providing me with the tools to get through it. It definitely wasn’t easy going from engineering to the stage, but again the way the course was set out really helped me to learn the importance of persistence and that it’s perfectly normal for failure until growth starts to happen.

What was it like juggling study with your home life and work?

It was extremely difficult going from being paid every month to managing a student loan, but I got through it. It was a sad end not getting to graduate the way I had wanted with everyone around me but I’m extremely lucky to have finished when I did given the current crisis.

What have you done since completing your degree?

I have recently set up an online video licensing business, a hobby currently until it builds, but hopefully one day it will be at a point where I am able to manage my time accordingly and do some freelance creative work, whether that be behind camera or theatre.

What was your favourite module or thing you learned while studying?

I couldn’t say I had a favourite module but stand-up comedy definitely pushed me to the point of fight or flight, and that’s everything I had hoped for.

What are your long term career aspirations?

The end goal is to be able to be happy and passionate in what I do. After all, we spend most of our lives working so it’s got to mean something, right?

I also could not have done it without my friends on the course, we were all each other’s rocks and I have met friends for life.

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