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An update on changes to the delivery and assessment of courses.

As the environment related to the current pandemic continues to develop, UCEN Manchester recognises how challenging the resulting circumstances are for all our students. 

We want to update you on changes we have agreed with our validating partners regarding adaptations to delivery and/or assessment of courses - with the aim of providing the best opportunity for you to maintain progress and achieve successful outcomes.  

These are outlined below for each of our validating partners. However, if you have any questions please discuss them with your course tutor in the first instance.

Thank you for your continued dedication to your education and patience as we work to ensure you are not disadvantaged by the pandemic.

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)

Following the introduction of no-detriment measures across the assessment policies in 2019/20, SHU have worked with their Students’ Union and Safety Net campaign on new measures to ensure the continued support for all students.

This ‘safety net’ of support enables all of our students to achieve fair assessment outcomes given the ongoing impact of the pandemic:

  • Where assessment extensions are requested, students will be given a 10 day extension from 25 January 2021.
  • Where a student is experiencing circumstances which means they need longer, they can submit a request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA). For reasons related to Covid-19 they do not need to submit further evidence.
  • If a RRAA is accepted and a student passes the module, they have the opportunity to repeat the assessment to improve their mark.
  • There is a process to adjust marks at Department Assessment Boards if there is evidence of underperformance across a particular module.

What this means for you:

Extenuating circumstances, including Covid-19 Extensions

You can request a ten working day extension to your submission deadline if something unexpected happens and you need some extra time. You should submit your extension request at least 24 hours before the submission deadline. You do not need to provide additional evidence of your circumstances.  You can find the Extension Request application form on the UCEN Manchester website.

Request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA)

If you are experiencing difficulties which are having a significant impact on your ability to complete your assessments including Covid-19, you can submit a request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA). If your RRAA is accepted you will be able to repeat your assessment if you fail it, or attempt to improve your mark if you pass it and it could improve your outcome.

You can find the RRAA application on the UCEN Manchester website. This is a request to undertake your assessment later during the reassessment period (usually in July for standard courses). Before you submit, we suggest you speak to your Personal Tutor.

You must submit your RRAA no later than 5 working days after your assessment submission deadline or date of exam. If your circumstances are as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic you are not required to provide any evidence. If they do not relate to the pandemic you must submit evidence to corroborate the nature and timing of your circumstances. 

If you have submitted your RRAA late, you need to provide information and evidence to explain. You cannot submit a RRAA after your marks have been considered by an Assessment Board.

Retaking exams and assessments

If you are undertaking reassessment this semester for assignments following where you undertook your first attempt in the spring or summer of 2020, or you are retaking a module(s) completely, then your reassessment mark will not be capped at the minimum pass mark.

Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Met)

Your assessments have been designed to be flexible to respond to changing COVID-19 guidance.

Manchester Met is committed to ensuring no student is disadvantaged by the current circumstances and that all can be fairly assessed and progress to the next stage of their course or complete it. To support this, whilst also protecting the quality and standard of your degree, they will reintroduce a ‘no detriment’ policy.  It is important that you engage fully with all assessments across the year to be eligible for this policy.  This policy is not a repeat of that introduced in March 2020, because circumstances are different.

What this means for you:

For Level 4 (Year one of Foundation Degrees)

We will base student progression between years of study on achievement of an average mark of 40 across the level as a whole, even if it includes one failed unit. It is very important for you to note that you must engage fully with all assessments across the year, otherwise you will not be eligible for progression under this no detriment policy.

Exceptional Factors Claims:

Evidence for Exceptional Factors is not currently required unless a claim is submitted after the assessment deadline, in which case we need evidence of a compelling reason as to why the claim was submitted late.  Application forms can be found on the UCEN Manchester website.

Pearson (Higher National Certificates and Diplomas)

UCEN Manchester students studying on Pearson Higher National courses, will not need to submit evidence with their Mitigating Circumstances claim for the Spring term.  This will be applied to all claims relation to extensions and requests to defer due to non-submission, considered from Monday 4th January 2021 to Thursday 1st April 2021.  Application forms can be found on the UCEN Manchester website.