Accommodation in Greater Manchester

Photograph of a tram passing through Manchester city centre.

We have been informed by our accredited accommodation partners, Manchester Student Homes (MSH), that the Manchester and Salford student housing market currently has extremely limited vacancies.

In August 2022 there were less than 400 Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) bed spaces available and fewer than 10 shared houses on the MSH landlord and property accreditation scheme. This has now dropped considerably.

Students should be aware of the shortage of supply of suitable, affordable accommodation in the city and there are no options available for family accommodation, single semester accommodation or accessible accommodation.

The MSH team can support on a case-by-case basis by:

  • Checking contracts for students in advance of them signing
  • Providing advice, information and guidance on the private rental sector.

Although we will only recommend and endorse MSH, we recognise that students will be anxious about finding accommodation, especially after the clearing process. Students looking for affordable accommodation will need to look outside the central Manchester boundaries and use services such as (or other reputable search engines):  

Please note, we cannot take any responsibility for any accommodation found through any search engines other than MSH. 

In order to help our students we're offering the following support:

  • Recognition Award (bursary) - Based on assessment criteria and a threshold of £25,000.  £350 per year of study (this includes a travel premium of £100 per year).
  • Access Award - Based on assessment. A maximum award of £300 with an additional £200 accommodation premium based on assessment and need. 

Get in touch with our Future U team via careers& for more details and information on how to apply.  We are also happy to provide information and guidance in relation to the different transport options in Greater Manchester.