A Level Courses for Adults? Why Access to HE Could Be Your Best Option

Adult learner in discussion with a tutor.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a lifelong learning journey, want to learn new skills, or discover exciting opportunities as an adult learner - this blog is for you.

In a rapidly evolving world, it’s more important than ever to continue your education - no matter your stage of life or career - and there are more options available for adult learners today than ever before!

For many, the best first step is an Access to Higher Education (HE) course. Here, we’ll discuss what Access to HE offers, where it can take you, and why it could be your best option as an adult learner.

Understanding Access to HE Courses

Access to Higher Education is one of the best ways to open doors as an adult looking to expand your knowledge, consolidate important skills, or venture into a new chapter in your career. 

What exactly is an access to HE course?

Access to HE courses are designed specifically to give adult learners a route into higher education. Whether you’ve been out of the classroom for a while, had other priorities after leaving school, or simply never considered higher education as an option - Access to HE is tailored to meet your needs. 

Put simply, they’re for anyone over the age of 19 who wants to advance their qualifications and future career prospects. 

Access to Higher Education courses differ from traditional education (such as A Levels) by offering a more accommodating approach to learning, making them an ideal choice for adult learners with busy schedules, lives, and responsibilities. 

With flexible learning schedules, full or part-time curriculums, recognition of prior knowledge, and blended learning opportunities - an Access to HE course can work around your life and commitments. 

Why Access to HE could be your best option

So, why should you consider an Access to Higher Education course? 

Whether you’re aspiring for a new career, progression in your current role, or simply understand the importance of continued development as a lifelong learner; Access to HE courses can make a meaningful impact. 

Adult learners often boast life and work experience, and Access to HE is the ideal platform to leverage your expertise into academic success and professional progression. 

The advantages of studying Access to Higher Education are extensive; not only will you have access to a flexible track into degree level study, but you also open doors to fresh career opportunities and exciting new experiences. 

It’s a path which has the potential to transform your life!

Getting started with Access to Higher Education 

Now, the next question is: how do you get started on your Access to HE journey? 

Finding a suitable course from a reputable provider is essential. UCEN Manchester offers a range of Access to HE courses for adult learners, which are designed to match your learning style and get you started on the track to higher education. 

Our application process is straightforward, and we provide various student support options to ensure you have everything you need on your new journey. Additionally, we offer tips on balancing life, work, and learning - including wellbeing, study skills, career advice, and more - allowing you to transition smoothly into your learning schedule. 

Your Access to HE journey begins now

If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your education journey as an adult learner, an Access to Higher Education course with UCEN Manchester is undoubtedly one of the best options available.

With tailored schedules, adjustable learning, and a fantastic support network at your side, you’ll have everything you need to unlock your full potential. We’re here to guide you on this journey - so why wait?

Explore our Access to Higher Education courses and enrol today!