Are you thinking of applying for a degree in veterinary science, animal behaviour and management, zoology, microbiology and genetics and don’t have the right qualifications you need for university? Don’t worry – this Level 3 Access to Higher Education Diploma in Veterinary Science and Zoology is the ideal way to develop the foundational skills and relevant grades you’ll need.
On this course you’ll cover a wide range of topics and units focusing on three core subject/module areas: Human biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. The variety of units contained in each module is aimed at providing you with good preparation for studies at higher education.

As you balance a number of simultaneous assignments and deadlines, you’ll be developing the important skills and abilities that are valued by both university admissions tutors and potential employers. This includes being able to write academic essays, complete reliable research, and critically analyse and evaluate documents, plan and execute laboratory experiments all of which you’ll learn on this Access Diploma as you prepare for university.

Part Time
1 year
September 2021
To be eligible for this Access to Higher Education Diploma, you’ll need a GCSE grade 6/B or above in both English and Maths.
You will be assessed by a variety of methods throughout this course including examinations, assignments, presentations and practical laboratory work
If you need help with affording college, there are a number of different finance and funding options available to you. You might be eligible for special bursary support or extra help from the government. Have a look at our fees, finance & funding page to find out all the information you need.
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