Why study at The Manchester Film School?

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Hear from Sammy Wong, one of our students at The Manchester Film School about what first attracted her to apply, why she's so impressed with the facilities, and any advice she would give to someone considering joining UCEN Manchester.

Sammy enrolled at The Manchester Film School after being impressed by the facilities on an Open Day.

During the course of her Film and TV Production programme, she has discovered her skill for producing and has decided this is the career she wants to pursue.

Sammy has enjoyed the amount of practical work involved on the course and working with big crews, which is something she hadn't experienced before.

Video Transcript

My name's Sammy Wong, and I study film and TV production at Manchester Film School. I chose to study at UCEN Manchester after coming to an open day and seeing all the facilities, and I was really impressed with what they had available and the fact that it is a very practical course.

I want to join the film industry after uni and I want to be a producer because while I was here, that's what I discovered that I'm good at. I was encouraged to study this course because it is a very practical course and we actually make films and big, big crews, which I hadn't experienced before, and I was really excited to try that out. 

I love the camaraderie we get of working with a crew on set, which I don't think I've ever had the chance to experience before. We learnt the hierarchy and just the experience of working as a massive team to create something is a lot of fun.

The teachers are all industry professionals and they have all worked in the film industry before, so they know what it's like and know how to give you advice, which is very helpful. They're also great at helping you in a personal aspect and in the work aspect if you're struggling.

What's impressed me the most is that we have a lot of industry standard equipment that the tutors are always very excited to get and learn about to teach you about. There's also a film studio which I haven't ever seen before. There are editing suites, there's just something for everyone.

I like the most about UCEN Manchester, that there is a large range of courses and with practical courses like ours, it's very common for us to try and collaborate.

I would advise someone who's going to study at UCEN Manchester to absolutely go for it and just put all the effort in to make the most of your time here because it's absolutely worth it.