Here is what you need to do if your choices say no


It's a scary thought but may be the case that some of your top choices haven't made you an offer, however, it's certainly not the end.

Clearing opens 5 July and allows you to regain control and find a place that values what you've got to offer, whether that's just for a year until you can reapply or transfer or for your full degree. 

Here's our checklist of what to do now:

Don’t panic

there’s still time through Track and Clearing to find somewhere great for you.

Take a minute

Take time to review what YOU want from a uni experience. Before you start searching think:

  • What degree you’ll achieve?

  • Do you prefer small workshop learning or big lectures?

  • How does the timetable fit and is it flexible?

  • Will you choose to study full or part-time?

  • Would you prefer to move to a city or stay close to home?


Start researching based on what you want, start searching for a new course, location and provider. Use your time ahead of Clearing to make enquiries and ask questions.

Make enquiries

You may not have to wait for clearing to make an application. In some cases, you can either adjust your choices through UCAS or apply direct. This means you might receive a new offer ahead of results day. Plus, if you already hold qualifications or relevant experience, you may be able to secure your place before results day.


Make your application. You can update this on UCAS or make a direct application depending on your situation. Call your chosen uni for advice, you can call us on 0161 674 7777 between 9am and 4pm weekdays.

Celebrate finding your fit

Congratulations on getting a new offer! Now either sit tight and wait for your results or if it’s an unconditional offer, start planning your future!


Explore places available through clearing now or get more info about returning to uni as a mature student.