Tutor blog: Rochelle Martinez | Business and Management

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Tutor Rochelle Martinez explains why our Business & Management courses regularly lead to rewarding career opportunities for our students.

As a Tutor/Lecturer on the UCEN Manchester Business and Management programmes, I am often asked what we do differently from other Higher Education Institutions.

In answering this question, I will refer to some of the frequent comments made by our existing students and alumni.

Flexible learning programmes 

Our curriculum offer affords learners the freedom to commit to part-time or full-time employment alongside their studies and we aim to consolidate teaching hours across two consecutive days (where possible). This is especially useful for students with children and students who may need to work around their studies.

There is a strong emphasis on combining theoretical knowledge with real-world practice and application throughout our curriculum offer. With this we encourage learners to take up at least part-time employment alongside their studies as well as incorporating in class group discussion and practical examples to apply knowledge. 

Learners are also supported by our Future U Careers and Welfare team who assists learners in acquiring relevant and valuable work experience when needed. 

Tutors experienced in the sector

Another reason students enjoy studying with us is that we can share work experience insights with them. That’s because our staff are experts in their field and hold a varied range of professional and industry experience. Our support and dedication ensure you are guided, supported and encouraged to learn and achieve within Business and Management.

Learners also enjoy excellent wrap-around support provided by our dedicated FutureU colleagues, who offer services as diverse as proof-reading assignments to careers advice.

Rewarding career opportunities

Our offer enables learners to progress into several career options, in areas such as Human Resource management, sales and marketing, and finance. Learning the fundamentals of business management provides our students a broad understanding of the business world from managing people, marketing principles, operations, and strategic planning.

As an example, one of our Business Management students Makile Moyana secured a role at an investment firm just a couple of weeks after finishing studying with us.  

This isn’t unique either; many of our students get in touch with tutors after they’ve graduated with updates on their career successes and requests for employment references.