Top-Up Degrees: Affordable flexibility puts you in charge

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The benefits for studying a Top-up degree

For aspiring professionals who have a set career path in mind, and want to gain the vocational skills, knowledge and training required for future employment, a three-year degree may not be an option or the first route to this. 

UCEN Manchester offer a range of flexible study approaches to help you gain the practical skills you need for industry at a level and pace that suits you. You will be surprised at the affordability of this route – taking higher education qualifications like this is very cost-effective indeed.

By starting with a HNC, HND or Foundation degree you can take each academic year at a time and pace to suit; carry on or take a break before completing your top-up. This flexibility puts you in control, in terms of your time and finances.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Higher National Certificate (HNC)

Higher National Diploma (HND)

BA/Bsc (Hons) Top-up

Foundation Degree

BA/Bsc (Hons) Top-up

BA/Bsc (Hons) Degree


There are many benefits to achieving your ultimate target and career path

Increase your employment options

While a Foundation Degree or HND, coupled with experience, will take you a long way, there is a good chance that at some point you may reach a ceiling whereby, in order to take the next forward step, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree.

Equally, you may also want to take a sideway step within your chosen sector; such a change in discipline may be easier if you can demonstrate a wider understanding of your field of work.

In both these scenarios (and more) a top-up degree from UCEN Manchester will increase the number of career paths and employment options that are open to you as you look to continue your career.

Increase your earning potential

Regardless of sector, the more highly qualified you are the higher your earning potential. As such a top-up degree is likely to significantly increase your earning potential.

Take your passion to the next level

A top-up degree will enable you to take your knowledge about your chosen subject to a higher level. In turn, you’ll be able to implement your learnings into your job, providing opportunities for further upskilling and career growth. What’s more you’ll be able to share what you have learnt at UCEN Manchester across your organisation, enabling you to add value and further demonstrate your expertise.

Specialise in your own time

One of the advantages of our learning model is that you can start with a foundation degree or HND, take a break from study and return to specialise by completing your Top-up year. It’s part of our commitment to help ensure degree level study is accessible, whatever your background.

Demonstrate your commitment to developing

A top-up degree is great for your personal development, and it also shows your employer (and potential future employers) that you’re committed to personal development through lifelong learning. This highlights your dedication to improve knowledge and ways of working within your chosen field.

Studying a top-up degree at UCEN Manchester will give you the skills to access higher paying jobs, progress in your career and make an immediate impact within your workplace.

To find out more about starting a top-up degree at UCEN Manchester in 2020 call our Admissions Team at 03333 222 444.