Teri further strengthens sport skills

Photograph of the gym at UCEN Manchester's Openshaw Campus.

Teri Devlin discusses her progression from The Manchester College’s Centre of Excellence for Sport to studying at UCEN Manchester’s School of Sport, Health and Wellbeing.

Coming to the end of her course at The Manchester College, Teri Devlin was ready to progress into higher education and further develop her skills as she works towards her ambition of a professional career in sport.

After looking at a number of options, Teri decided to make the most of the progression opportunities the College offers by choosing to study at UCEN Manchester and enrolled on the FdSC Sport Science: Strength and Conditioning course.

Having not looked back since, the first year student has spoken openly and honestly about her journey from the College to UCEN Manchester, and the support she has received to overcome the challenges she faced while aspiring to progress to higher education.  

What were you doing before you started your Foundation Degree?

"In summer 2022, I completed my BTEC National Foundation Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science with The Manchester College, but before that I had studied three A Levels elsewhere.

"Without sharing too much detail, I’ve had to overcome a lot of adversity in my personal life and ultimately, I decided that A Levels weren’t for me.  My partner and I went to look at countless colleges in and around Manchester city centre, but after talking to the curriculum staff at The Manchester College I was convinced that it was the right option for me."

Why did you choose UCEN Manchester?

"There were quite a few reasons.  The location of the campus and public transport links are great, but I would probably have to highlight the state-of-the-art sports facilities, small class sizes and financial incentive that progressors from The Manchester College to UCEN Manchester receive as the deciding factors.

"I’d also like to add that because my course is underwritten by Manchester Metropolitan University, I can use their facilities.  I get the best of both worlds in a way."

How has the bursary helped you?

"It has helped me massively.  I’ve used the money to pay bills and it took away some of the stress associated with progressing to higher education.

"Truth be told, not only was it an incentive, but it allowed me to deal with some of the challenges I’ve faced in my personal life."

What’s the transition been like?

"The transition from further education to higher education has been a lot easier than it would have been if I’d chosen to study elsewhere.  For example, I was already familiar and comfortable with the campus, but now all my classes take place in The Cube – a building that only higher education students can access, so there’s a more adult atmosphere.

"When I started to consider higher education as a viable option, the Student Careers team at The Manchester College were available for me to talk to and knew who to contact at UCEN Manchester to discuss any queries I had, which really simplified things for me."

What’s been the highlight of your time at UCEN Manchester so far?

"I’ve really enjoyed the broadness of the curriculum and practical elements in the new facilities.  Even though it’s something I’ve struggled with in the past, learning more about anatomy has been fun as well.

"I’m passionate about sport and I’ve got a lot of interests that I pursue when I’m not studying, including bouldering, football, gymnastics and swimming.  As part of my course, I’ve got the chance to try new things and I’ve discovered a love for weightlifting, which I first tried in the gym on campus under the supervision of one of my tutors.

"I have to give my tutors a special mention, they’re experienced, knowledgeable and stay on top of the latest developments in industry.  They’ve also been there to offer support when I’ve needed it and I’ve always felt like there is a genuine willingness to understand my personal circumstances and individual needs as a learner."

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