Student Diary: A 55 Year-old Animation Student from West midlands

Quote from UCEN Manchester student

Age: 55

Course: Creative Media (Animation and Motion Graphics)

From: West Midlands


9am: My first class starts at 10am, I usually log in to my blog half an hour early, (I do all of my coursework on a web-based blog site). The first thing I do is go over my to-do list and make sure that I'm aware of the upcoming lesson and that I've completed all the assigned tasks. I then attend the online lesson and take notes.

11am: Today was a catch up with my tutor, I'm currently working on a group project, after the lesson I have a brainstorming session with the other member of my group. We discuss the project and assign tasks. I then work on the assigned tasks till lunchtime. I nearly always take an hour away from my computer. I think it's important to move away from a screen, it helps with fatigue. I prepare lunch and usually catch up with the news or watch something on YouTube. I tend to have a sandwich or noodles at lunchtime, something quick to prepare.

2pm:  Today is a double day, I have tutorials in the morning and afternoon. I think the break is important to allow me to switch off from the AM lesson and prepare myself for the next subject. As with the AM tutorial I will try and recap for the PM session. This is a short session, a catch up really. We have started the project, and it's just a show and tell, so we can talk about our progress. The tutor reiterates our goals and outcomes. I'm feeling OK and excited about the project.

5pm: My wife comes home at around 5pm. I've been freelance for most of my career and am used to being alone in my office for long periods of time, I don't particularly enjoy the isolation. Pre COVID there were plenty of distractions to look forward to at the weekends or in the evening. It's getting much harder to motivate myself now. I try my hardest to shut off from study in the evening- I find it harder to concentrate. If I have to catch up I'd rather do it on a Saturday or Sunday when I'm mentally refreshed. I just try to relax in the evenings either I watch some TV, get on with some of my hobbies or talk with my partner.