Student Diary: A 30-year-old Sports student from Egypt

Title - Student Diary: A 30-year-old Sports student from Egypt

Age: 30

Course: FdSc Sport Science and Human Performance

From: Egypt


7am: I get up early, usually before 7am. I drink my coffee and go for a run to freshen up. After my run I have breakfast. My first class is at 9 am. I write notes about what I have to do when I get up to keep me focused throughout the day.

1pm: I’ve finished my morning class. I prepare my meals for later or if the weather is nice I go for a walk and get myself a nice coffee. I speak to my family every morning. I am eating fruit salad topped with yogurt and granola.

3pm: I spend my afternoon in class, after a good morning I’m feeling fresh and focused.

6pm: To finish my day I like to watch TV quiz shows - tonight it is The Chase and Pointless - then dinner. It’s a quiet evening watching Netflix and having some healthy ice cream. I am not studying this evening, just doing some reading for a bit before bed.