Student Diary: A 30-year-old Healthcare student from Manchester

Title - Student Diary: A 30-year-old Healthcare student from Manchester

Age: 30

Course: HNC Healthcare Practice

From: Greater Manchester


8am: I start my day by sorting my children and dogs out. Usually put on a load of washing. Making sure my children have snacks and drinks for whilst I’m online for class. My first online class is Thursday at 9 am. I make a brew, gather up my stuff, and sit in my room whilst on my lesson, and hope the kids don’t distract me. On a day when I have no classes, I help my son with his work, probably whilst playing Barbie’s with my daughter, and doing jobs around the house.

1pm: So far, on a Thursday, I will have done a class, now I have an hour to get myself and my children fed, spend a bit of time with them before my next class. Again ensure that they have drinks and snacks. On a normal day, feed them, carry on with household jobs.

3pm: On a day when I have class, I spend my afternoons studying online. On a day when I don’t, I try and get the kids and I out of the house for a while, or if we are having a lazy day, I let them have screen time. Most days they are tired and stressed. Kids are hard work.

6pm: I feed the children and the dogs. Spend a bit of downtime with them. Possibly put on a film. Then 7.15 pm, we do bedtime, stories etc. After that I will have my own dinner, whilst binging a TV show. Possibly do my nails. If I have an assignment due, I will work on that. But on a day when I’ve been on classes all day, I try to give myself a rest and do something other than uni work to relax.