Student Diary: A 23-year-old Film and TV student from Lisbon

Title - Student Diary: A 23-year-old Film and TV student from Lisbon

Age: 23

Course: Film & TV Production

From: Lisbon


9am: I get up, make coffee and get ready to start my first lesson at 9.30am. I spend some time going through my checklist for the day. If I don’t have a morning lesson I don’t set an alarm.

11am: By lunch time usually I managed to finish at least one task and if I need to I’ll prepare for an afternoon lesson. I break at 1pm for an hour and have my lunch. Usually it’s something quick and small like a sandwich or some chicken with pasta. I text my friends and boyfriend throughout the day. When my boyfriend’s home I spend time with him.

2pm: After a break, I get back to work or join a lesson if I have one. I try to keep the same timetable I have when I’m on campus (9.30am-4.30pm). Usually, in the afternoons I do something more practical like plan a shoot or go out and shoot.

5pm: I stop working between 4 and 5pm. This is around the time my boyfriend gets home when he’s been working. We have drink and chat about our days. We either go to the supermarket or for a walk. When we get home we make dinner, then either watch a movie or play board games before bed.

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