Student Diary: A 20-year-old Film student from Worcester

Title - Student Diary: A 20-year-old Film student from Worcester

Age: 20

Course: BA (Hons) Film and TV Production

From: Worcester


10am: Wake up at ten-ish, most of my classes start at 10:30 at the moment. I watch them, make coffee and breakfast, take notes.

1pm: By lunch I’ve usually started some work besides sessions. Most of the time this involves responding to tasks set in class, or corresponding with course mates to arrange shoots or whatever. I may play on my PlayStation or go to the shops. I chat and hang about with my housemates. I’ll usually eat something like an omelette or leftovers.

3pm: By the afternoon I’m likely starting in on the bulk of my work efforts for the day I work better a bit later on... I’ve enjoyed the freedom of choice, work-wise, afforded to me by the way this current section of the course is being run- remote means flexibility and sleep-ins.

6pm: By the end of the day I may still be working. This usually depends on the current workload and whether I’ve got assignments coming up. I’ll usually end up watching TV or a film with my housemates, making dinner, chatting and hanging out.