Student Diary: A 19-year-old Access to HE Nursing and Midwifery from Italy

Title - Student Diary: A 19-year-old Access to HE Nursing and Midwifery from Italy

Age: 19

Course: Access to HE Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery

From: Verona, Italy


9am: I usually start my day with meditation and then have something to eat. I like to have my shower before my online lessons start so I am fresh and alert. Even though nobody sees me, it is just something I like doing. My lessons start between 9:15 and 9:30am. Sometimes, I actually wake up early to do some last minute work before my lessons or just my assignments. It all depends as my lessons throughout the year are online so I don’t have to stress about the travel time.

1pm: I’m fortunate that I have lessons only two days a week (one short day and a long day); because of this sometimes during my lunch I just eat, chill or have a nap. At times I have to be productive and do some work like notes, answer a question in the assignment brief etc. For lunch I generally eat big meals to keep me going for my next lesson. I love eating hot meals for lunch.

3pm: In the afternoon, I tend to feel really exhausted due to my health. However, some days I feel satisfied and others stressed as I mostly have to organise myself and do assignments or independent studies. I enjoy my classes especially when we get to do group work and do some interesting research. What I love about the course is that we get helped a lot to do our assignments. Unlike, when I did A Levels that you didn’t know what to expect in exams as it could be something random, this course is generally straightforward.

7pm: Sometimes I attend services in church. If I have an assignment due in the near future I work on that. However, if not I just chill by watching movies, FaceTiming friends or doing something productive.