Know your numbers around high blood pressure

Geoff Bowling UCEN Manchester

Exercise Physiology tutor Geoff Bowling writes for GoVida.

Geoff Bowling, the Programme Leader for Programme Leader for the Foundation Degree in Exercise, Physical Activity and Health at UCEN Manchester, has written an excellent blog for the employee wellbeing platform GoVida about how moderate regular exercise can have a lowering effect on your blood pressure.

As part of ‘Know Your Numbers Week’, aimed at spreading awareness of high blood pressure (also known as hypertension), Geoff’s blog offers simple tips on how to lower your blood pressure through exercise, such as taking a 15 minute brisk walk in your lunch break.

The blog was adapted from lesson materials for the ‘Exercise is Medicine’ module that forms part of the second year of our Foundation Degree in Exercise, Physical Activity and Health.

You can read the blog here and find out more about our Sport and Exercise Science courses today.