Criminology students treated to expert lecture to finish off the year in style

Photograph of a UCEN Manchester Criminology and Criminal Justice student taking notes.

In one of their last classes of the Semester, FdA and BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice students at UCEN Manchester received a guest lecture from a high-profile activist in the sector.

Roxy Legane has written articles for The Guardian and is the Director of Kids of Colour, an organisation that provides support and a safe space for young people of colour aged 24 and under to explore race, identity and culture.

During the lecture, Roxy spoke to the students about the topic of a recent Channel 4 documentary and legal case from 2021, which involved one of the boys that Kids of Colour have worked with.  The 19-year-old in question ultimately received an eight-year custodial sentence for text messages they’d sent following the death of their best friend.

For the Level 5 students, the lecture linked to their ‘Youth Crime and Deviance’ module, which teaches students about the narrative surrounding the term ‘gangs’ and how this leads to negative perceptions, and impacts how individuals and groups are treated by the criminal justice system in the UK.

Roxy’s lecture also helped the Level 6 students with their ‘Conflict and Cohesion’ module, which is one of the last topics covered on the course at UCEN Manchester’s School of Business and Law.   During the module students learn about the barriers to a cohesive, inclusive society.  They also explore inequality and whether it is embedded in organisations and the UK’s criminal justice system.

Lecturer, Angela Tobin, arranged Roxy’s visit and the timing couldn’t have been better given the recent publication of The Baroness Casey Review.  A report that highlighted, amongst other things, institutional racism.

Angela said: “I was thrilled that Roxy agreed to come and speak to our students.  Roxy has a breadth of experience in community work and is a well-respected and passionate professional, who was able to illuminate a range of criminological issues in her session.

“I’m extremely grateful to Roxy for taking the time to speak to our students and know that for many of them, the lecture will be one of the highlights of the year.”

FdA Criminology and Criminal Justice degree student, Rebecca Gardner, explained how lecturers from guest speakers help bring topics to life:

Guest speakers provide first-hand accounts and different perspectives on criminological issues from someone that is directly concerned, affected or involved in them.  The speaker’s knowledge on the issues they’re discussing provokes further questions and increases my awareness, which inspires me to broaden my research.

“I was shocked after listening to Roxy's lecture, which was fascinating but disturbing all the while.”

Rebecca concluded:  “Roxy's passion for spreading awareness of the problems and challenges Kids of Colour face has honestly sparked my interest and concern, and I have since made others aware of the case and project.”

Laura Roberts, who is also on the FdA Criminology and Criminal Justice course, added:  “Having guest speakers in, and the opportunity to ask them about the work they do, gives a real life insight into a particular subject matter and helps when I go on trips to various institutions.

“They also help with networking and provide the chance to make strong contacts for future career steps.”

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