Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Shania and Amanda Sillett, Head of Student Support and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

UCEN Manchester student, Shania, talks about what makes her proud to be a woman

UCEN Manchester student Shania talks about what makes her proud to be a woman, this International Women’s Day.

Hello, my name is Micshania Stanton, ‘Shania’ to my friends and fellow students at UCEN Manchester’s Fielden Campus, where I am studying a Foundation Degree in Special Effects Make-up Artistry.

On International Women’s Day, I’m reminded of those many women who have gone before us that are proud of their gender. I’m very proud of mine, having only been a fully-fledged woman since October 2016.

Fortunately, as women we live in times of great liberty but this has not always been the case. Indeed for the Women of the Edwardian age they were made to feel inferior and not allowed to have their opinion heard.

Well ladies, we have a local woman to thank for the emancipation of women, her name - Emmeline Pankhurst, born in Moss Side, Manchester. Emily Pankhurst empowered Edwardian women to have the vote and be heard, at one point she was even imprisoned because of her devout beliefs, a great inspiration.

Let’s look at other women who continue to personally inspire me. I am reminded of a couple of movies depicting the struggle that women have had both in the workplace and in the armed services. Thankfully gone are the days of women not being able to achieve – we are now encouraged to be achievers, in the true sense of the word. I’m an achiever, how about you?

Our country boasts equality for all with no gender boundaries. However, we should be reminded of those women who still struggle today in certain parts of the world to be heard and be counted. We must stand shoulder to shoulder and be proud off our gender, speak up, and be heard! We must encourage our sisters in other countries to seek this liberty which we in the United Kingdom take for granted. 

So, reach out ladies and be proud of your womanhood. Remember you shall achieve great things and your goals, just persevere, be strong, no obstacle is too big for you to move. Enjoy your International Women’s Day.      

Pictured: Shania and Amanda Sillett, Head of Student Support and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion