Assignment deadline extension

Assignment deadline extension

Deadlines extended by a week to reflect changes to teaching delivery

Following the move to online and remote delivery in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, UCEN Manchester has taken the decision to add an automatic extension of one calendar week to all assignments which were due between March 24 and May 1 2020.

Why has the decision been taken?

This decision has been made to reflect the changes that we have made to our delivery of teaching and learning as well as taking into consideration the exceptional circumstances that you have encountered in the past few weeks.

The deadline extension will enable us to support you to achieve the best possible outcomes on your programmes.

Does the extension apply to examinations and in class assessments?

The deadline extension does not apply to the dates of examinations or in class assessments, in their revised form. As such the original dates for these remain unchanged.

There are a small number of exceptions, for example where the assignments have been designed for live presentation, showcases etc. If this applies to you, your tutor will be in contact to inform you of the revised arrangements.

Will longer extensions be available?

Some units/modules will also have a longer extension, based on the specific needs of the course. 

Where applicable, these deadlines will be communicated to you by your tutors directly. They will also be posted to Moodle. 

In addition, you can still use the usual relevant mitigating circumstances procedures for your course if you find that you cannot meet any of the deadlines due to the serious impact of your current circumstances. 

What about assignments due after May 1 2020?

We will decide whether we need to adjust deadlines that fall after May 1 2020, in due course if it is felt necessary to do so. However, for the moment, please work to existing dates.

How does this apply to Performing Arts and Arden students?

For students studying Performing Arts courses and students in The Arden School of Theatre, a revised schedule will be provided to students for assessments taking place after Easter by the relevant course tutor.

Should you have any queries please contact your tutor directly.