Adult learner checklist

UCEN Manchester alumni Kimoni Bell (right), mum Paula Smith and daughter Princess-Amour Kyezu.

What you need to know before starting your studies.

Stepping into higher education as an adult learner can be daunting, but many graduates will admit it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. Starting your studies later often means a focused attitude to learning and a determination to succeed, all of which can lead to new adventures and improved life prospects.

If you’re looking to start with us, check out our adult learner checklist.

Class sizes

Smaller classes mean more one-on-one time with a tutor. This can make a huge difference to your learning and means that if you need the extra support, it’s easier to access. At UCEN Manchester, our small class sizes help to maintain focus within your group leading to a better experience overall.

Ask about flexibility

What happens if you miss a class? Are sessions recorded? What’s in place to help you catch up if you need to? You’ll need to know the answer to these questions to ensure you choose the right course and establishment for you. If you need a little inspiration, our UCEN Manchester alumni and Business Graduate, Kimoni Bell, explains her experience of balancing motherhood and her degree here.

Choose a supportive provider

From extra financial support to free counselling, make sure you check out what you’re able to access while committing to your qualification. Our Support services can offer help and advice to all manner of queries, from academic to personal. Remember, we’re here to help for as long as you need.

Join our Summer School

If you’ve not studied at degree level before, have had a long break in between study or just want to get ahead, then have a look at our summer school. Our sessions cover everything from note taking to how to combat procrastination and can help to get you up to speed on key skills to make the most out of your classes.

Be prepared

You can get a better feel for what’s ahead by attending sessions ahead of enrolment. Universities and higher education establishments will often run open days or online sessions to give you opportunities to meet staff, find out more about support and get a feel for student life. Watch recordings now.

Trust your tutors

At UCEN Manchester, our dedicated tutors have a wealth of academic and industry experience. They’ll help to put you on the right path towards your chosen industry and will advise you on what a career in the field is really like.

Be proud of you!

Whether you’ve worked in a particular career sector, have lived in different countries or have raised a family, your life experiences are unique to you. Listening to and valuing other people’s experiences helps to better understand the world and at UCEN Manchester, we are proud to offer our students a diverse and welcoming environment in which to succeed. So whether you’re exploring our Business and Management qualifications, want to specialise in Criminology and Social Justice or are looking to make your mark in Creative Arts and Digital Media, you can find your future with UCEN Manchester.

If you’re still not sure, you can always speak to one of our dedicated team on 0161 674 7777 who can talk you through your options.

Whatever your passion and whatever your goal, we have the right degree for you.

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