This diploma is the core qualification needed to gain entry into the counselling profession and to become a professional counsellor. Throughout this qualification students will advance their knowledge of counselling theories, skills, ethical, professional and legal issues and personal development.

Students will also complete a 100-hour placement as required in all professional counselling training and will undertake casework supervision. The work placement and a supervisor must be sourced by yourselves and the cost of the supervision will be paid by yourself.

This vocational course focuses on experience based learning and engaging in counselling work in real-life situations to help students develop into a skilled, reflective practitioner able to develop and maintain short and long-term counselling relationships.

This part-time course requires a significant time commitment due to its nature. Students are not required to attend a weekend residential but will undertake workshops days outside their normal timetable which may require attendance on weekdays amounting to 2-4 days off from work over the two years, on top of weekly commitments to your placement, or placements, fortnightly casework supervision and extra study outside of classes.

  • City Campus Manchester
  • Part Time
  • 2 years
  • September 2024
  • Openshaw Campus
  • Part Time
  • 2 years
  • September 2024
  • Shena Simon Campus
  • Part Time
  • 2 years
  • September 2024
  • Wythenshawe Campus
  • Part Time
  • 2 years
  • September 2024

To be eligible for this course you will need to have previously completed a Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills.

You'll also provide a reference from your Level 3 tutor and evidence of being able to work at first year degree standard.

If you have been receiving counselling or rehabilitation, you must also be clear from recovery for a minimum of 2 years.

Candidates with exceptional experience in other professional roles are also encouraged to apply; we also welcome applications from colleagues in related fields.

You'll be assessed through a variety of methods including assignments, practical observations, reflective writing, and presentations.

Learners must complete all elements of the course including 100 hours work placement and pass the external assessment within this timeframe. Any resubmissions for external assessment will be charged at an additional cost.

The fees are £3534.70 This fee covers both years of the programme, registration with the awarding body and the industry workshops.
They can be paid either through an Advanced Learning Loan or by your personal funds. If your employer will be paying your fees you will need to provide a signed letter on headed paper stating this when you come to enrol.
Once you have enrolled you are liable for the full course fee, regardless of whether the full course is completed or not. Please note that an Advanced Learner Loan will cover the first £2,225 of the course fee. The remaining £1,309.70 will need to be paid by your own personal funds. Students have the option of paying the £662.05 in the first year in full at enrolment or they can pay 33% (£218.49 at enrolment) and 4 monthly payments of £110.89 and then £647.65 in the second year.
Successful applicants will require a DBS check to be completed after enrolment. This will cost £44. When you enrol you will be asked whether you have a current (within the last 12 months) DBS, in which case you will not be asked to apply for another but you MUST bring your certificate in for evidence. Otherwise the cost of £44 will be added to the course fee. If you are on the update service, please let us know and a further DBS check will not be necessary.
Students who do not complete all of their placement hours within the two years of the course may be able to access a further term at the end of the second year, for an additional fee of £500. Please be aware that this is for exceptional circumstances only.
Due to the unique nature of counselling training in addition to the course fees the following will need to be paid:
• Professional Indemnity Insurance
• BACP Student Membership: At the time of writing student membership of the BACP costs £89 per year for 2023-2024. Further details can be found at www.bacp.co.uk.)
• Professional Indemnity Insurance: Typically, around £35 per year.

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In addition, personal therapy is recommended by the course team: Typically, around £35 per session and you would need 20 sessions over 2 years.

Placement may require you to be a BACP student member and membership is £86 per year.

Professional indemnity insurance £50-£100 per year.
Placements charge nominal fee up to £60 per month.
Digital recording device £50 (phones are not allowed).

Supervision: You would need a minimum of 1.5 to 2.5 hours of supervisor per month depending on the numbers of clients you have seen and be required for a minimum of 12 to 14 months.

UCEN Manchester does not provide supervisors directly. However, we do have affiliate supervisors that we would recommend, subject to availability. Often these will offer a reduced trainee cost of around £40 per hour.

(These fees are approx. and the professional bodies and supervisor’s costs may change)

You will have to cover the travel costs from and to the placement and supervision sessions.

These figures are intended as a guide only. The additional fees cannot be included in an Advanced Learning Loan.