Courses at UCEN Manchester combine a variety of teaching and learning activities including seminars, lectures, tutorials, practical workshops and independent work individually as well as in groups.
In addition, these primary teaching and learning methods may be supplemented with field trips, work placements, guest lectures, presentations and group activities as applicable to each subject area.
UCEN campuses have libraries equipped with computers and printers for students which can be used in addition to the classrooms and course specific workspaces such as technology suites, workshops, laboratories and artistic/photographic studios.

As well as the software available to students on campus computers such as the Adobe suite, students are also able to use Microsoft Office remotely from their own laptops and access course materials using the Virtual Learning Environment.

Openshaw Campus
Full Time
2 years
September 2020
Awarding Partner:
Manchester Metropolitan University
Applicants who do not meet the standard entry criteria but have previous learning towards a degree-level qualification or relevant industry or life experience will be considered on an individual basis and may be invited to interview.

Year 1: Media, Moral Panics and Current Affairs (30 credits)

Year 1: Politics and Civil Law for the Public Services (30 credits)

Year 1: Professional and Academic Development (30 credits)

Year 1: The Five Giant Evils of Society (30 credits)
Level 4

53% Coursework
35% Practical
12% Exam

Level 5

63% Coursework
25% Practical
12% Exam
On successful completion of a Foundation Degree in Public Services and Social Justice, students will be able to:

• Develop the required knowledge and evaluate the established principles of the UK Political process and of the way in which those principles continue to progress.
• Present, evaluate and interpret knowledge of UK Law and its application in both Criminal and Civil contexts
• Develop knowledge, understanding and vocational skills and work based learning relevant to a wide range of Public Sector oriented organisations enabling students to develop and communicate the academic and research skills for practical research projects.
• Demonstrate an awareness and critical understanding of the influence of the media on public opinion and how it informs government policy.
• Develop a critical understanding of the relevance of policy and public service provision and response to emergency planning and the security of the state.
• Develop knowledge of current social justice policy and critically evaluate the significance and impact on public service provision and the wider community
• Demonstrate knowledge of the main areas and principles of public sector partnership and Multi Agency and the approaches to complex social issues.
• Demonstrate the ability to research, interpret and analyse material from a variety of sources concerning the Public Service environment. Produce thoroughly evidenced and referenced assessment submissions that conform to accepted academic standards.

All students are subject to UCEN Manchester’s Terms and Conditions from the date they accept an offer to study here, full details of which can be found here. The UCEN Manchester Admissions Policy and Procedure can be found here.

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